Know Your Assignment

Know Your Assignment

About two years ago I was approached to become a board member of what is now Christian Federation.

Christian Federation exists to catalyse and facilitate strategic shifts in culture through church and marketplace re-formation. As a national entity, with 300 Kingdom Partners CF attracts connections, resources and support to facilitate strategic objectives and tactical initiatives in the domains/spheres /mountains. CF has developed a wider bandwidth that is assisting our partners expand their kingdom impact on the culture (Matt 6:10)

It was not what I had in mind, out of my comfort zone and a place I really did not want to go to.

I prayed about it and, as is my bent, asked if this is you God, will you confirm it to me by sending witnesses to this decision (my fleece).

In the ensuing 12 months I tried to put it off, despite having 2-3 witnesses who spoke prophetically and positively into it.

Then approx. 12 months ago, through a series of circumstances, I was again asked, not only to step in, to take the position of Chairman!

Again I was reluctant, sought more witnesses (and they arrived) until one evening a friend, Dave Hodgson, at the conclusion of a conference called “Knowing Your assignment”, came up to me and said: “John, you know what your new assignment is, just get on with it”!!

Well, that was the clincher and I accepted. At the time I still had no idea why, but as I look back I can now see the timing and the purpose of stepping into the position.

Here are some lessons I learnt:

  • His assignments are often out of your comfort zone
  • Don’t to act too fast on the decision, unless you know that you know. In other words it has already been siting there on your heart
  • Be prudent and take the time and considers the steps and the alternatives.
  • Keep praying and ask the Lord questions about what you’ve heard. In other words, pray about the revelation until you get the illumination on the revelation.
  • Too often we get a preliminary revelation and try to jump immediately into the timing on things, when we need to be praying more and investigating and connecting the dots on a number of matters. If we take the time to get sufficient illumination and instruction on what is being planned, then the timing will be much more accurate.
  • Give God your best and be obedient to His calling, even though it may be out of your comfort zone

John for the Kingdom Builders Team

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2 Responses to Know Your Assignment

  1. David Tidy says:

    Thanks John, He gets you to be in the right place at the right time doesnt He! What a great Father we have. Many blessings, David Tidy

  2. Rob Meates says:

    HI john, thanks for your insights, they closely parallel what I have been going through myself,and come up with the same conclusion.
    God Bless

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