And Now The Good News

Thank you for all the comments on last weeks post on Manipulation and Control and I want to re iterate that this is the enemies plan, not God’s Plan. The Enemy wants to fill us with Fear so that he can rule and reign! But the good news is:

“HE has given us the power of LOVE and a SOUND MIND ( 2 Timothy 1;7). He has given us Authority over all things in His Kingdom. For every plan of the enemy, God has another plan already in motion!

Take for instance this pandemic, look at the good things. We spend more time with family, we meet in different ways on the internet for work, friendships and even Church and our NETweaving is expanded. We now meet and converse with people and family all over the world. We are being forced into new ways of thinking and doing and we have now the greatest opportunity to move into the opportunity of the potential of a nation where ALL SHALL PROSPER!

But let’s be real, it’s not going to be easy, we have a lot of challenges coming: Unemployment, the banking system, the economy overall, record Un repayable debt, nations facing off with each other as to who is going to be in control, possible wars, supply of food, water, etc.etc.? The battle is on as to How we will think, act or react!

So How do we survive and thrive in these times? I don’t have all the answers but a few thoughts to consider;

  1. The importance of being in a community, who care and support each other. In Tasmania where we live most of the year we started last year with a community BBQ. About 16 turned up for the first one and we just shared a little as we ate and drank. It was so popular that they decided to have one every 2 months.Now in lockdown mode the community is sharing produce they grow, eggs, cheese, home made bread, fish, berries and fresh fruits etc, Are you in a community?
  2. Barter and Trade will become a way of business as it once was (I will share more on this shortly)
  3. Certainly we will have to find a new financial system. Will this be Crypto currency, going back to a gold , silver base, or????
  4. Being involved in a family will be critical, Caring for the old and the dispersed will change!

But the most important thing in all this will be hearing from HIM. We will need more and more to hear from HIM! What will I do now Lord, Where will I go? Who is part of my family? Whom do I need to support/encourage, feed or take in? God is opening up HIS KINGDOM and we are being invited to press in more and more to Him.

We are told that we are not to rely on the tree of Knowledge, but to eat from the tree of Life (ie to walk and talk with Him). We cannot wait to make sense of all that is happening (logic) as to walk in the Kingdom we rely on HIS Spirit to show us the way!

John for the KB team

PS. I will be sending you shortly your invitation to join in a Zoom meeting on May the 14th, entitled “Nations Blessing ISRAEL” — which is also a key into the Kingdom.

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