Understanding the Purpose of a “Preferred Economy”

Last week we talked about “knowing your assignment”.

Once you know this, as many of you do, the next question is where do I fit in to His Kingdom Economy/marketplace?

To design an economy based on God’s biblical principles it is vital to understand the primary purpose for the creation of the earth and your place in it. If you understand this, then you will understand why you were born on earth and not in heaven…and what is expected of you while you are here.

What the world system considers “economic growth” and we in the Kingdom of God consider economic growth is becoming ever farther apart.

Illustrated as an example, by the Netherlands now including prostitution and drugs as part of their economic growth statistics. Apparently these two amount to almost the national income from bread but higher than income from cheese.  Maybe Australia should consider legalising drugs and prostitution to get their GNP figures up!

In the Kingdom of God we have an entirely different metric for measuring a successful economy than growing GNP figures….and I assure you that you will be surprised how God measures a growing successful economy!

Now unlike usual prosperity preachers approach I am not going to try to entice you with the usual “God wants you to prosper”…lets take that as a given. What needs to be answered is Why and How? And the answer to Why is not so you can luxuriate in luxury and the answer to How is not ‘Tithing”.  There is far more at stake here than our own pleasures and it is critical that you understand the basics of God’s economic purpose.

Let’s consider the Why:

  • (Psalm 24:1)  God owns the earth and He owns the people that dwell on the earth. He owns it by right of creation.  Every person is a temporary tenant on God’s property and is given a purpose for their creation.  Your purpose on your limited time on earth is finish the work that God has given you to do.
  • (Gen. 1:26-28)  Your primary spiritual duty is to love God, worship Him and fellowship with Him. But your primary economic work is to lead a productive life of subduing the earth and creation to make it fruitful and produce in order for mankind to “multiply”.  Now this is the crux of the economy of God.
  • God has called you to make wise economic decisions. The heart of economics in any economic textbook is this:

We live in a world of scarce resources populated by people with endless wants and needs. Economic decisions are the following:

-How do I allocate my limited resources to the most important needs?

– How do I increase my resources so that I can meet more needs?



The answer to those two questions are now so different for those in the Kingdom of God and those in the world system that I boldly say this:

It is time we establish our own Kingdom economy parallel to the world economy because what they think it is important to spend money on and what we think is important are no longer reconcilable.

Secondly our ability to increase our resources through productive work is so much more than the worldly that we need to have control of our own productive enterprises.

Why? Plenty of reasons but just a few:

  • We work harder
  • We waste less.
  • We save and invest more.

The truth is in any economy with a greater amount of practicing Christians is that we are the ones paying our taxes, staying out of jail, obeying the laws, raising families, saving for the future, enhancing our cultures and societies, our behaviour is less destructive and more productive.

Next week we will get to the heart of the Kingdom economy with God’s command for us to be productive and fruitful.  What is it that God wants us to produce? What is the most valuable things we can produce with our limited time and resources and how do we design an economy whose purpose is to produce the most value for the Kingdom of God?

John for the Kingdom Builders Team

PS. Advance notice – we will be launching “The Preferred Economy” in Australia on September 16th at our Kingdom Business Summit

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