It’s time for a reality check!

The prospect of nations going bankrupt is unimaginable. Greece is in default on its national debt; if it were a company, it would be declared bankrupt and its directors charged.

Many countries are in the same boat, including the USA, only days from defaulting – the Obama Administration has reached its debt ceiling of $14 trillion (14, then 12 zeros). If this ceiling is not increased by August 3, “all hell breaks loose” in the US and world financial markets. Then what?

Well, the $492 billion owed by Aussie banks to foreign banks would in all likelihood be called in… causing the system to shut down; superannuation funds would freeze and probably never recover (sending the retirement plans of millions of members up in smoke). Only a fool (Psalm 53:1) would believe this could never happen; it can; and one day it will…because it (riches) is an illusion!

No doubt, the US President will reach an 11th hour deal to extend the debt limit (i.e. fixing a debt problem with more debt); everyone will breathe a sigh of relief…then go back to sleep.

This is probably a good time to consider the implications of a devastating financial meltdown on our position in the Kingdom. Actually there should be none, no matter what happens to intangible riches; and amongst the unfolding calamity, real wealth remains intact because it’s tangible.

We know “the earth is the LORD’S and the fulness thereof…” (Psalm 24:1). Thus we own none of what we hold in our possession; we are merely His caretakers. Consider two further issues –

…If the rightful owner chose to take back His possessions from me, what would my response be?

 …If we are such poor stewards as to be deceived (Matthew 13:22) into “investing” (actually, speculating) in this world’s paper schemes we must expect the ‘sowing and reaping’ principle to apply (Hosea 8:7; Galatians 6:7). So when the loss eventuates what would my response be?

Surely…to give thanks (Ephesians 5:20) for His love, goodness, mercy and provision; to rejoice in whatever happens! He knows our eternal destiny and promises to meet our worldly needs (Matthew 6:33). He is ready to forgive poor stewardship (Luke 15:11-24) emanating from the accumulation of, and trust in, pieces of paper being the plans of man, not of God (Psalm 118:8).

Many are running to and fro with “solutions” to the coming financial collapse! Buy bullion or switch into ‘safe’ currencies the experts say, many of whom claim to follow Jesus. But we need to understand the futility of such plans – i.e. we cannot “win” in a rigged game…or worse, in a game we should not even be playing! And we cannot justify our actions by mis-quoting God’s Word, convincing ourselves it’s the right thing to do…as often happens with Proverbs 13:22; Luke 6:38.

Our purpose is far greater than this nonsense. Being “seated in heavenly places in Christ Jesus” (Ephesians 2:6) why would we want to get involved with such trivial matters as speculating or accumulating abominable fiat money (Proverbs 20:10; 11:1)? In the end, accumulating anything this world has on offer is NOT about serving the Master…it’s about serving self. We must be alert to the Master’s warnings in verses such as – Matthew 6:21; 7:23-24; Luke 12:15.

One can only wonder why the world is in such a mess. That’s easy…people continue to reject God’s moral law and Biblical values, as they did in ancient Israel such that “…every man did what was right in his own eyes” (Judges 21:25). That’s fine but understand…there is a price to pay.

It’s time for us, as believers, to get our hearts out of this “mad” world; to “look up” and “rejoice.”

Peter, for the Kingdom Builders team

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The Model of Acts, for business and community growth….

As I walk and share with many differing business’s and
business leaders I am often asked, “John, HOW do we follow and implement these Kingdom Business principles that you talk about?”

The answer in part comes from the model we find in the book
of Acts. We will examine this over the next few weeks.

In the early days of the growth of what we now know as the Church,
there were some common elements that led to their multiplication:

  • The People met daily in the marketplace to hear/learn and become educated in
    God’s word.
  • The adjourned to houses where they shared food in small groups and discussed what they had learnt.
  • They went out to share with other houses/ villages (multiplication of knowledge)
  • Everyone was involved in giving. It wasn’t just a
    few wealthy people. Everybody could help to some extent.
  •  Everyone gave according to their
    God doesn’t expect us all to give the
    same amount. We give according to our ability.
  • Everyone was determined to give. I love this.
    They were serious about it. It was something they wanted to do.
  •  Everyone followed through on their
    commitment and gave. Acts11vs. 30
    – They weren’t all talk.

All except two people, Ananias and Sapphiras  (Acts 5:1-11).

Please read up on this for our discussion next week. Also refresh
yourself on the ‘Reward of Giving” if you have time.

John for the Kingdom Builders Team

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As most of you would know we have been pursuing the answers to what does a “Preferred Economy” look like and How do we see this come to fruition?

On the 16th September we will launch the “Preferred Economy” and the ASP (All Shall Prosper) movement at our Kingdom Economic Summit

Over the last two months KB, with a group of leaders around Australia and overseas have been meeting to discuss and develop a plan for Australia to be a Just Nation.

Let me ask have YOU contemplated these questions:

What’s the future of global finance?

The global financial crisis revealed significant weaknesses in the financial system and some of the vulnerabilities that can result from having such an interconnected global market.

Several years after the crisis, the world economy is still struggling with slow growth, unconventional monetary policy in major economies, and constrained government budgets. It is vital that we find ways of making the financial system more resilient and able to withstand shocks in the market.

Our guest speaker Fulton Sheen USA will address this question and suggest answers

What part does Australia Play and what is a Preferred Economy?

Can we continue to run a DEBT based society, counting on Government for answers to such issues as unemployment, wealth creation, immigration, drug abuse, sex slave trafficking and other major social issues and business issues.

John Dingemanse (CBM) will share on this and HOW you can join an ARMY that will have influence on these decisions

What is the future of Technology and Innovation?

The pace of technological improvement is running at an exponentially increasing rate. While this has been true for several decades, the pace today makes capital investment in technology as much an asset as a handicap because a competitor may wait for the next-generation technology, which may only be a year away, and then use it to achieve an advantage.

Israel, has led the way o technological innovation and start-ups in the last two decades.

Yaacov Michlin (Head of Yissum) will share on your opportunities to be at the leading edge.

What is ASP and how will it benefit Australia?

Through the collective voice and influence of hundreds of thousands of like-minded business operators and marketplace participants, we are committed to transforming Australia to become a ‘Just Nation’ by establishing ‘The Preferred Economy’ – an alternative economic system that enables and empowers every citizen to prosper.

We will create an economic environment that facilitates universal prosperity through enterprise, that is conducive to the growth and success of business, (small, medium and large), that provides ready and cost-effective access to capital, encourages free enterprise, fosters innovation, celebrates entrepreneurism and inspires philanthropy.

 Dave Hodgson (Paladin Group) will launch this movement and explain how you fit in, so that ALL MAY PROSPER.

I invite you to join us if you can in person,  or let me know if you would like the film link afterwards at a small investment and Please, Pray for us.

Months ago I wrote a blog titled “Are there 10 Good Men”

This movement has very high reward, but enormous risk to every one who participates, 
yet it would change the life of many when actioned.

Kingdom Economic Summit

John for the Kingdom Builders Team

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Understanding the Purpose of a “Preferred Economy”

Last week we talked about “knowing your assignment”.

Once you know this, as many of you do, the next question is where do I fit in to His Kingdom Economy/marketplace?

To design an economy based on God’s biblical principles it is vital to understand the primary purpose for the creation of the earth and your place in it. If you understand this, then you will understand why you were born on earth and not in heaven…and what is expected of you while you are here.

What the world system considers “economic growth” and we in the Kingdom of God consider economic growth is becoming ever farther apart.

Illustrated as an example, by the Netherlands now including prostitution and drugs as part of their economic growth statistics. Apparently these two amount to almost the national income from bread but higher than income from cheese.  Maybe Australia should consider legalising drugs and prostitution to get their GNP figures up!

In the Kingdom of God we have an entirely different metric for measuring a successful economy than growing GNP figures….and I assure you that you will be surprised how God measures a growing successful economy!

Now unlike usual prosperity preachers approach I am not going to try to entice you with the usual “God wants you to prosper”…lets take that as a given. What needs to be answered is Why and How? And the answer to Why is not so you can luxuriate in luxury and the answer to How is not ‘Tithing”.  There is far more at stake here than our own pleasures and it is critical that you understand the basics of God’s economic purpose.

Let’s consider the Why:

  • (Psalm 24:1)  God owns the earth and He owns the people that dwell on the earth. He owns it by right of creation.  Every person is a temporary tenant on God’s property and is given a purpose for their creation.  Your purpose on your limited time on earth is finish the work that God has given you to do.
  • (Gen. 1:26-28)  Your primary spiritual duty is to love God, worship Him and fellowship with Him. But your primary economic work is to lead a productive life of subduing the earth and creation to make it fruitful and produce in order for mankind to “multiply”.  Now this is the crux of the economy of God.
  • God has called you to make wise economic decisions. The heart of economics in any economic textbook is this:

We live in a world of scarce resources populated by people with endless wants and needs. Economic decisions are the following:

-How do I allocate my limited resources to the most important needs?

– How do I increase my resources so that I can meet more needs?



The answer to those two questions are now so different for those in the Kingdom of God and those in the world system that I boldly say this:

It is time we establish our own Kingdom economy parallel to the world economy because what they think it is important to spend money on and what we think is important are no longer reconcilable.

Secondly our ability to increase our resources through productive work is so much more than the worldly that we need to have control of our own productive enterprises.

Why? Plenty of reasons but just a few:

  • We work harder
  • We waste less.
  • We save and invest more.

The truth is in any economy with a greater amount of practicing Christians is that we are the ones paying our taxes, staying out of jail, obeying the laws, raising families, saving for the future, enhancing our cultures and societies, our behaviour is less destructive and more productive.

Next week we will get to the heart of the Kingdom economy with God’s command for us to be productive and fruitful.  What is it that God wants us to produce? What is the most valuable things we can produce with our limited time and resources and how do we design an economy whose purpose is to produce the most value for the Kingdom of God?

John for the Kingdom Builders Team

PS. Advance notice – we will be launching “The Preferred Economy” in Australia on September 16th at our Kingdom Business Summit

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Know Your Assignment

Know Your Assignment

About two years ago I was approached to become a board member of what is now Christian Federation.

Christian Federation exists to catalyse and facilitate strategic shifts in culture through church and marketplace re-formation. As a national entity, with 300 Kingdom Partners CF attracts connections, resources and support to facilitate strategic objectives and tactical initiatives in the domains/spheres /mountains. CF has developed a wider bandwidth that is assisting our partners expand their kingdom impact on the culture (Matt 6:10)

It was not what I had in mind, out of my comfort zone and a place I really did not want to go to.

I prayed about it and, as is my bent, asked if this is you God, will you confirm it to me by sending witnesses to this decision (my fleece).

In the ensuing 12 months I tried to put it off, despite having 2-3 witnesses who spoke prophetically and positively into it.

Then approx. 12 months ago, through a series of circumstances, I was again asked, not only to step in, to take the position of Chairman!

Again I was reluctant, sought more witnesses (and they arrived) until one evening a friend, Dave Hodgson, at the conclusion of a conference called “Knowing Your assignment”, came up to me and said: “John, you know what your new assignment is, just get on with it”!!

Well, that was the clincher and I accepted. At the time I still had no idea why, but as I look back I can now see the timing and the purpose of stepping into the position.

Here are some lessons I learnt:

  • His assignments are often out of your comfort zone
  • Don’t to act too fast on the decision, unless you know that you know. In other words it has already been siting there on your heart
  • Be prudent and take the time and considers the steps and the alternatives.
  • Keep praying and ask the Lord questions about what you’ve heard. In other words, pray about the revelation until you get the illumination on the revelation.
  • Too often we get a preliminary revelation and try to jump immediately into the timing on things, when we need to be praying more and investigating and connecting the dots on a number of matters. If we take the time to get sufficient illumination and instruction on what is being planned, then the timing will be much more accurate.
  • Give God your best and be obedient to His calling, even though it may be out of your comfort zone

John for the Kingdom Builders Team

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 Spirit Planning


Making God your Senior Partner is a lot more than lip-service. It entails planning with the Holy Spirit. That means input and guidance from the Lord on decisions. That requires consciously hearing from God.

One of the distinctive characteristics of the heroes of faith has been hearing from God. Yet, from the days Moses led the Israelites out of Egypt, the people were inclined to be terrified to hear His voice. They asked Moses to leave the camp when talking with God. However, when Moses returned they wanted him to let them know what God had said.

This same reluctance in hearing God’s voice was reflected in later generations when the Lord appeared to Gideon. It is revealing that the Lord’s first words to Gideon were: “Peace be with you. Do not fear. You will not die.”

Even today, amongst God’s people there continues to be this hesitation in bridging that gap between the seen world and the unseen world by consciously discerning revelation from God. Sometimes this is because of doctrinal precepts that have no foundations. Sometimes it is due to the fear of risk or simply of getting it wrong.

Foundations to Spirit Planning

Yet, it is written: “Today, if you will hear His voice, do not harden your hearts as in the days of the wilderness.”

Planning together with the Holy Spirit requires time and practice. It calls for mastering planning. It requires setting aside time to seek Him.

As a prelude to discussing these steps, two things need to be noted. First, those who seek Him will find Him. Second, not every thought that comes into our minds is from God. We need to approach this process with an expectation, but also wisdom.

We live in a time when we have available a treasure trove of the principles of God’s truth along with scriptural models of a history of interactions of God with His people. Getting revelation from God needs to be approached with reverence. Spirit and Truth (the word) will always agree. So it is important to immerse ourselves in His written Truth.

It is written that in the mouth of two or three witnesses, every word will be established. Early in my walk with the Lord, when I heard something I believed was God, I would ask him to bring me at least two or more people in support of it. I needed a “fleece”. He always did.

God as Senior Partner and Planner

Planning is a systematic means of outlining goals and strategies. Such plans can be done for mapping out one’s destiny, to determine a course of steps for a business, or to illuminate the focus and pathway unfolding for a community. Inviting the Spirit of God to be our Senior Partner and participate in our planning will often uncover things we could not have seen or anticipated in the natural.

It may also lead you into pathways that you had never thought of, it did for me!

John for the Kingdom Builders Team

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Many years ago (2004) when I started on this journey of sharing Kingdom principles in the market place, a friend described us as a “little raggedy flock”. The description came from Luke 12:32. At first I was a little dismayed but over the years I came to understand that many Christian people (including myself) were living “half following the ways of the world” and half trying to understand His ways, at best.

Kingdom business’s were hard to find. The good news is that now the search for “His Preferred Economy and Just Nations” is spreading globally, both secularly and in Christendom—because it is God’s movement, not born of man.

We know eventually that His Kingdom will invade every area and take over every realm, and is described in Luke 13:18 as a growing tree that gradually fills the whole earth until all the birds can nest in its branches. For us who are called to Kingdom business, our thrill doesn’t come from aspects of church alone. Rather, we are called to succeed and multiply resources, to expand and branch out in our communities with services and products. Kingdom business people are not particularly motivated by a personal desire for money, but find ourselves motivated to establish a new economy and set a precedent for a new way of life. The success we seek is more to see His Kingdom established in the business realm.

Take a moment’s break from the daily struggles to realize what you provide:

  • Establishing interaction in local communities of the Lord’s principles in the workplace.
  • Positioning to serving the Lord in business and show a new way.
  • Achieve success, employ many, giving glory to Him in business.
  • Make financial contributions that further His Kingdom ways on earth.
  • Stand poised for Him to work through you and use your business to accomplish His will.
  • Believe to return this part of the Kingdom to our Father (1 Cor. 15:24-25), who blessed trade to be a help to one another in our diversity.

His promises are that the ‘little flock’ shall inherit the Kingdom and He loves to glorify Himself in the humble. Be ready for His moving in this important time period we are in. Be standing in faith and at attention for Him to use your business to fulfill the statement that “the meek shall confound the wise.” In the midst of the daily spiritual and physical battle, it is easy to fall for the illusion of being small and unimportant in this vast financial world.

When looking through our Father’s eyes there is a different view. He sees only your relationship to Him and the wonderful plans He has to unfold for you and your endeavors.

There was not one prophet or disciple that did not have human struggles and flaws, or confront situations where it seemed the Lord wasn’t even there with them( I know this feeling).

The Bible is full of stories of near-disaster, where each person had to stand on faith alone. We say this, so you can see, that perhaps there is not as much difference between you and them as you may tend to think.

If you read their story, you can relate to your own and know that if God saw them through He will see you through also.

It is only in hindsight that we see God was watching out for them, but put your self in the moment they faced and realize they had to make the same choices as we do.

Someday in the Kingdom people may read of you and say “Gosh, what a hero to help change the business world like that,” because they are looking with hindsight at the result. But now, in the moment, you are a servant like everyone else was. It is the Father who is really doing the work and accomplishing His will. It is our privilege to be placed in the realm of business at this time, so let us tackle it with a drive and realisation of who we are.


John for the Kingdom Builders Team

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A “Just” Economy

In God’s economy we will enjoy commerce as a means of creativity and blessing for the functioning of our community/family.  We will work in jobs we actually love doing! This may seem revolutionary, but there is another reason for working other than the drudgery of having to earn a living in order to scrape by.

We have been so long in this worldly system, that it is difficult for our minds to grasp an economy where business and labor takes place out of the joy of providing it. This is life when His Kingdom is established, and businesses will flourish without greed involved.

Such a business in the Kingdom may not necessarily be structured that much differently on the surface – yet it is fundamentally very different in how it operates. The difference is in the spirit of integrity with which the business is operated. The heart and spirit of the people operating the company are given to the King and are not bonded to the things of this present world. Here are a few points that describe those differences:

  • Care and concern for one another versus discrimination and “office politics” to get ahead
. This may be the largest difference in the feel of a Kingdom company. There will be a sense of care for all men equally, without regard to race, creed, or social status. As Paul points out in Gal. 3:28; there is neither Jew nor Greek, male nor female, but all are one in Christ. Business owners in the Kingdom will be very objective about this. They will weigh matters based on a person’s abilities/giftings for a task, loving when God has placed someone in their “niche.” They will appreciate all faithful workers in their business (1Tim. 5:18) and not use or manipulate one another for their own gain.
  • Co-operation in the Kingdom is embraced versus jealousy and envy to destroy another’s enterprise. 
It is not that we are to tolerate ideas being taken and misused, or an unjust competitor trying to take over. Rather, those problems should rarely exist because we operate with a respect for one another. One major goal is to live in oneness and harmony, instead of just to make a dollar at all costs. We will conduct our trade with respect to our neighbour in business, and encourage someone who comes up with a great idea, not undermine them. There is plenty of room for everyone’s creativity and enterprise in God’s economy. In fact, the greatest inventions have yet to be seen and we will see them spring forth from inspired people.
  • The success of the company is due to following God’s principles versus following a pattern of compromised integrity
. We are to be a breed apart, business men and women that “…seek first His Kingdom…and all these things will be added to you” (Matt.6:33). It is a relationship with our heavenly Father that is paramount in our lives, and our business success is born out of the blessings that He has set forth for those who practice His ways. We will not compromise our integrity for money. The principles we follow will carry into every area of our business.  We believe that God can take care of us like He does the flowers of the field and we do not have to break God’s spiritual principles in order to gain wealth. We will be happy, healthy and wealthy following His ways. The book of Proverbs contains countless practical business guidelines and instruction for the workplace that we can follow.
  • We are Givers by nature versus being Takers by nature
It is more blessed to give than to receive; give and it will be given to you. This famous principle we know and try to abide by. Therefore, a Kingdom business will also give funds out of its profits towards accomplishing His goals in this earth. We will support our community, feed the poor,look after the mothers and children andcare for the addicted.We will be led by His Spirit to give funds. We are not worried about giving things away as we begin to experience living in God’s law of blessings. Imagine what would happen if all billionaires stopped spending all of their money just on themselves. Greater world change could be propelled through Kingdom commerce than any government can ever produce. There may even be a distribution of wealth described in Acts 4:34-35, where all needs are taken care of under Christ’s Lordship. A Kingdom business person is driven to test out the giving back stated in Malachi 3: 10 and to prove God’s Word is true in this regard. Because He himself is the ultimate giver of gifts, we take on His nature as we grow up in the Lord.
  • A business itself becomes an interdependent ministry, versus a business existing with no accountability
. Just because you have a for-profit business doesn’t mean it does not also exist as a ministry of service to the world around you. The origin of business was to supply a need in trade, and of course in ancient history it was often a barter system. A business in a Kingdom city exists to serve those surrounding it. There will be a blessing on a business whose owner(s) lives to serve by selling goods and services to the world around in no less fashion than a minister who supplies spiritual food. Most of Australia was built on small businesses with the “neighbourhood store” concept and God richly blessed the origins of the economy. Whether a business is micro, medium, or global size, there is room for all in a Kingdom business ministry. Some may financially support ministers of the gospel, as the businesses did with Paul in the New Testament (Acts 18:2-5). Paul also makes note of “this ministry of service” in 2Cor. 9:10-13, writing “because of the proof given by this ministry they will glorify God…for the liberality of your contribution.” Other businesses may have their skills and resources called upon.

There are probably many other points of difference that come to mind as you are thinking along this track. Practicing business by the principles of God’s economy will begin to evoke a blessing on your business and personal life. It is time for a revolution in business which will show to the world His ways, as we are admonished in Matthew 5:16; “Let your light shine before men in such a way that they may see your good works and glorify your Father who is in heaven.”


John for the Kingdom Builders Team


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Common Wealth and Family

Article by Myles Monroe:

“The foundation of the Kingdom of God’s economy is access. It (access) is more powerful than ownership. The foundation of the world’s economy is private ownership.

The spirit of ownership creates many problems. Some of them are limitation, frustration, stress, contention, scarcity, lack, stealing, poverty, and sickness. That’s why the child of God shouldn’t model his or her thinking in the area of finances (or wealth in general) after the world’s system.

When Jesus told (and still tells) you not worry (Mathew 6:25-33), He was protecting you from sicknesses and diseases. Learning to trust Him with your whole heart will free you from lot of ills that consume people on a daily basis.

When He becomes the Lord (or dictator) of all you have you understand that He owns it all – you are just a custodian of the things in your possession – and the looking after of those things is His responsibility.

Ecclesiastes 10:19 is a well known verse of scripture. It says, ‘A feast is made for laughter, and wine makes merry; but money answers everything.’ But the Bible says something interesting in the twelfth verse of the fifth chapter of the same book (Ecclesiastes 5:12). It says, ‘The sleep of a labouring man is sweet, whether he eats little or much; but the abundance of the rich will not permit him to sleep.’

The Kingdom of heaven’s economy is not built by money – it is based on access. Ecclesiastes 5:12-14 shows us how God sees man when he (man) hoards and stores things for himself like there’s no tomorrow – it’s an exercise in futility. Now God is not against people saving or being responsible.

All He’s saying is ‘what do you have that you did not receive?’ That was the problem he had with the rich man (see Luke 12:16-21).  He was not against the man being rich – it was his (the rich man) pride that put Him (God) off. The word ‘I’ is mentioned six times in those verses. He gloried in himself rather than in the mercy of God. He claimed ownership rather than access, and the rest is history.

It’s important for you to know how the Almighty would have you do things. Ecclesiastes 5:15 shows us that man leaves with nothing after a life of toiling.

God’s way is access which comes through Lordship. Jesus never preached democracy, communism, socialism, or religion. He came with something different.

He knew that religion was not the answer – it has caused more problems than it solved. Even some of Jesus’ disciples desired the destruction of their opponents in the name of religion (see Luke 9:54-56). Jesus said, ‘I have not come to destroy men’s lives, but to save them.’ That’s my Jesus! He’s the greatest!

A kingdom is opposite to democracy – the centre of a kingdom is the king. The key to biblical economics is the Lordship of the king. I want to show you the key that freed me from lack and poverty. It is claiming ownership of nothing while having access to all things.

The solution to all the problems in the world is operating by the kingdom. All kingdoms have an economy called common wealth – a term used only in kingdoms. Democracies are not built for common wealth – they are for opportunists. In a true kingdom, wealth is common; though nobody owns it.

Jesus regularly talked about the Kingdom of God (see Matthew 3:2; 4:17, 22; 5:3; 6:33, and Luke 4:43). In Matthew 6:9, Jesus said to pray, ‘Our (not my) Father…’ In other words, come to the father for common wealth – not just wealth for yourself. Jesus didn’t ask us to pray to go to heaven; He asked us to pray for heaven to come to earth (see Matthew 6:10).

The concept of Lordship is the key to the Kingdom of God’s economy. Getting this truth into your spirit and consistently practicing it will get lack out your life forever. Jesus didn’t preach an economy of personal pursuit; but one of common wealth.

The Key to a kingdom is the King, and the glory of the kingdom is territory – unlike a democracy. The word owner is ‘Adonai’ in Greek. It means Lord or possessor. In true kingdoms there is no private ownership. You own nothing – but have access to everything. The most common word in the Bible is Lord – maybe that why it has lost its true meaning today.

If a person claims ownership to anything, they attract God’s judgment. God owns everything – man is just a custodian. Genesis 1 begins with the statement, ‘In the beginning God created the heaven (500 million galaxies) and the earth.’ That’s not a suggestion, but a statement of fact! In Exodus 6, God manifested Himself to Moses in a way that He didn’t when He was with Abraham.

He revealed Himself to Abraham as God Almighty (the supplier of his needs), but He revealed Himself to Moses as Jehovah (the one who is faithful to fulfill His promises and covenants). Even Pilate couldn’t do anything to Jesus without the permission of heaven – he was a tool in God’s hands.

Who is the Lord? The Hebrew word ‘Yahweh’ is translated Lord – it is used for Lordship. There’s no private ownership in Kingdoms. The two most dangerous concepts in the kingdom are independence and ownership.

When people start claiming, God’s starts killing! Lordship is the key to economic success.

In a kingdom the citizens are stewards – they use what is given to them for a while, until the king asks for it. 2012 is going to be a turn-around year for you because you will function with an understanding of the Lordship of God’s like you never have before.

Jesus demonstrated Lordship by asking His disciples to go and get the donkey for His use (Matthew 21) – only He could do that. That’s Lordship! It was His – the person they (His disciples) took it from was just the custodian! God’s owns everything – you have access to it all!

Someone may be holding stuff that God has reserved for you – it’s about to come into your hands because it’s not theirs. Never be jealous about anybody because God owns everything”.

John for the Kingdom Builders Team

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