We hear each day about the latest Stats on the virus…..and governments around the world are foretelling us about the greater need for tracking us…..compulsory Apps, vaccines etc etc.

Apply for any Australian government assistance packages, support, rent packs, job payments or small business support and the first thing they tell you is that any or all information they receive can be shared to any other Government department or associated entities??? Your banking details….tax file….medicare no….addresses….family members…..etc etc. Not that these items have not been available beforehand but now we are officially being told we NEED to TRACK YOU openly.

Governments around the world, Israel, China, USA, Russia and many European countries have been doing this for years …unofficially… but now it is in the open. Facial recognition software, AI, 5G  and chip technology in everything you own and use, that can track and record you. The largest growth industry in the world…..DATA MINING!

It’s not about you safety and health! Wake up.

This pandemic according to many scientific researchers is nowhere near the devastation of the black Bubonic plague ( up to 200 million in 1353), Cholera plague( 1 million 1850’s), Influenza epidemic 1918 (20-50 million) and many others but this is the first time in history where the whole worlds economy has been shut down!

it all comes back to a simple question. Why?

“Why are we reacting to a flu like virus by shutting down the world economy.

Why do we care more about the deaths caused by this virus than we do the flu, HIV, tuberculosis, hunger, malaria, heart disease, cancer, motor vehicle accidents, suicides, or any number of other preventable deaths,

It makes no sense until you test the theory it is being used as part of a much broader agenda.

Is it merely coincidence that many of the authorities on Coronavirus are linked to the totalitarian climate movement, Bill Gates, the WHO, IMF, and others who have tried so hard for so long to remove our freedom and make global government by elites the centre of society.

Why are WHO encouraging further lockdowns when the scientific evidence suggests the virus itself has a natural lifespan and infection peaks after about six weeks.” – (extract from Cory Bernadi weekly news”

World media, Social media are filling us with fear…..”Your Perceptions become your Truth”

So What is God saying to us through all of this????

“Stay close to ME!  You can no longer rely on your rational thinking and planning process. If you wait until you understand…’s TOO LATE.” If you think the TREE OF KNOWLEDGE will give you answers….You will MISS THE BOAT”

We are not called to rely on man and his thinking, we are called to drink from the TREE OF LIFE! Our questions to Him are “what are we to do individually and collectively”, “Where am I to be”? Whom am I to relate with, who’s in my family/community”?

My personal belief is that this is not a time of massive salvations, although we all hope and pray that our families and friends are woken up and see what is really happening and realise the TRUTH of His word. No, this well may be a time of SEPARATION of his lambs into those who are dependant totally on HIM, hearing HIM and obeying HIM, and those who will blindly follow the ways of the world!

More next week

John for the KB Team


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  1. richard frank warner says:

    Interesting John – not sure I totally agree but I will keep watch with interest!

  2. Fay Dash says:

    Yes John, I agree with you. This is basically what the Lord has been saying to me. God who is the Alpha & Omega, the Beginning & the End, knows all things and we are called to seek Him first in all things. The world is seeking a World Leader and it will be interesting to see how and when that man will appear. Praise God we have Jesus the big ‘C’ in us (Christ) and we must not live in fear of the little ‘c’ Coronavirus 🙏

  3. Frederik Werps says:

    Agreed John and thanks for posting.
    Yesterday morning the Lord gave me a picture about His flock under the watchful eye of Jesus the shepherd blissfully ignorant grazing in green pastures. His flock is immune to the things of this world whilst the herd of this world is contemplating the benefits of a “Herd immunity”.

  4. Hilaire Nininahazwe says:

    Brother, I agree with you. God wants to focus our eyes to Him not the world that will come to the end soon. God spoke prophetically just before Coronacrisis : ” You are running over the world but I don’t see the world.” It means we are busy with meaningless busness forgetting to seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness (Matthew 6,33). Surely this Crisis is at least something gut to remind us that we are in a world that has to disapear one day (probably soon). Praise God we have Jesus who came to rescue us. We don’t have to fear the same way we don’t have accept all things. Unfortunately hard times are still to come that means in short manipulation will be because the liar will have to find his way before Jesus Christ Comes back.

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