Many years ago (2004) when I started on this journey of sharing Kingdom principles in the market place, a friend described us as a “little raggedy flock”. The description came from Luke 12:32. At first I was a little dismayed but over the years I came to understand that many Christian people (including myself) were living “half following the ways of the world” and half trying to understand His ways, at best.

Kingdom business’s were hard to find. The good news is that now the search for “His Preferred Economy and Just Nations” is spreading globally, both secularly and in Christendom—because it is God’s movement, not born of man.

We know eventually that His Kingdom will invade every area and take over every realm, and is described in Luke 13:18 as a growing tree that gradually fills the whole earth until all the birds can nest in its branches. For us who are called to Kingdom business, our thrill doesn’t come from aspects of church alone. Rather, we are called to succeed and multiply resources, to expand and branch out in our communities with services and products. Kingdom business people are not particularly motivated by a personal desire for money, but find ourselves motivated to establish a new economy and set a precedent for a new way of life. The success we seek is more to see His Kingdom established in the business realm.

Take a moment’s break from the daily struggles to realize what you provide:

  • Establishing interaction in local communities of the Lord’s principles in the workplace.
  • Positioning to serving the Lord in business and show a new way.
  • Achieve success, employ many, giving glory to Him in business.
  • Make financial contributions that further His Kingdom ways on earth.
  • Stand poised for Him to work through you and use your business to accomplish His will.
  • Believe to return this part of the Kingdom to our Father (1 Cor. 15:24-25), who blessed trade to be a help to one another in our diversity.

His promises are that the ‘little flock’ shall inherit the Kingdom and He loves to glorify Himself in the humble. Be ready for His moving in this important time period we are in. Be standing in faith and at attention for Him to use your business to fulfill the statement that “the meek shall confound the wise.” In the midst of the daily spiritual and physical battle, it is easy to fall for the illusion of being small and unimportant in this vast financial world.

When looking through our Father’s eyes there is a different view. He sees only your relationship to Him and the wonderful plans He has to unfold for you and your endeavors.

There was not one prophet or disciple that did not have human struggles and flaws, or confront situations where it seemed the Lord wasn’t even there with them( I know this feeling).

The Bible is full of stories of near-disaster, where each person had to stand on faith alone. We say this, so you can see, that perhaps there is not as much difference between you and them as you may tend to think.

If you read their story, you can relate to your own and know that if God saw them through He will see you through also.

It is only in hindsight that we see God was watching out for them, but put your self in the moment they faced and realize they had to make the same choices as we do.

Someday in the Kingdom people may read of you and say “Gosh, what a hero to help change the business world like that,” because they are looking with hindsight at the result. But now, in the moment, you are a servant like everyone else was. It is the Father who is really doing the work and accomplishing His will. It is our privilege to be placed in the realm of business at this time, so let us tackle it with a drive and realisation of who we are.


John for the Kingdom Builders Team

About kingdombuildersbusiness

Founder of Kingdom Builders www.kingdombuilders.com.au
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1 Response to OUR LITTLE FLOCK

  1. Peter Muller says:

    Great word John. Thank you.

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