A “Just” Economy

In God’s economy we will enjoy commerce as a means of creativity and blessing for the functioning of our community/family.  We will work in jobs we actually love doing! This may seem revolutionary, but there is another reason for working other than the drudgery of having to earn a living in order to scrape by.

We have been so long in this worldly system, that it is difficult for our minds to grasp an economy where business and labor takes place out of the joy of providing it. This is life when His Kingdom is established, and businesses will flourish without greed involved.

Such a business in the Kingdom may not necessarily be structured that much differently on the surface – yet it is fundamentally very different in how it operates. The difference is in the spirit of integrity with which the business is operated. The heart and spirit of the people operating the company are given to the King and are not bonded to the things of this present world. Here are a few points that describe those differences:

  • Care and concern for one another versus discrimination and “office politics” to get ahead
. This may be the largest difference in the feel of a Kingdom company. There will be a sense of care for all men equally, without regard to race, creed, or social status. As Paul points out in Gal. 3:28; there is neither Jew nor Greek, male nor female, but all are one in Christ. Business owners in the Kingdom will be very objective about this. They will weigh matters based on a person’s abilities/giftings for a task, loving when God has placed someone in their “niche.” They will appreciate all faithful workers in their business (1Tim. 5:18) and not use or manipulate one another for their own gain.
  • Co-operation in the Kingdom is embraced versus jealousy and envy to destroy another’s enterprise. 
It is not that we are to tolerate ideas being taken and misused, or an unjust competitor trying to take over. Rather, those problems should rarely exist because we operate with a respect for one another. One major goal is to live in oneness and harmony, instead of just to make a dollar at all costs. We will conduct our trade with respect to our neighbour in business, and encourage someone who comes up with a great idea, not undermine them. There is plenty of room for everyone’s creativity and enterprise in God’s economy. In fact, the greatest inventions have yet to be seen and we will see them spring forth from inspired people.
  • The success of the company is due to following God’s principles versus following a pattern of compromised integrity
. We are to be a breed apart, business men and women that “…seek first His Kingdom…and all these things will be added to you” (Matt.6:33). It is a relationship with our heavenly Father that is paramount in our lives, and our business success is born out of the blessings that He has set forth for those who practice His ways. We will not compromise our integrity for money. The principles we follow will carry into every area of our business.  We believe that God can take care of us like He does the flowers of the field and we do not have to break God’s spiritual principles in order to gain wealth. We will be happy, healthy and wealthy following His ways. The book of Proverbs contains countless practical business guidelines and instruction for the workplace that we can follow.
  • We are Givers by nature versus being Takers by nature
It is more blessed to give than to receive; give and it will be given to you. This famous principle we know and try to abide by. Therefore, a Kingdom business will also give funds out of its profits towards accomplishing His goals in this earth. We will support our community, feed the poor,look after the mothers and children andcare for the addicted.We will be led by His Spirit to give funds. We are not worried about giving things away as we begin to experience living in God’s law of blessings. Imagine what would happen if all billionaires stopped spending all of their money just on themselves. Greater world change could be propelled through Kingdom commerce than any government can ever produce. There may even be a distribution of wealth described in Acts 4:34-35, where all needs are taken care of under Christ’s Lordship. A Kingdom business person is driven to test out the giving back stated in Malachi 3: 10 and to prove God’s Word is true in this regard. Because He himself is the ultimate giver of gifts, we take on His nature as we grow up in the Lord.
  • A business itself becomes an interdependent ministry, versus a business existing with no accountability
. Just because you have a for-profit business doesn’t mean it does not also exist as a ministry of service to the world around you. The origin of business was to supply a need in trade, and of course in ancient history it was often a barter system. A business in a Kingdom city exists to serve those surrounding it. There will be a blessing on a business whose owner(s) lives to serve by selling goods and services to the world around in no less fashion than a minister who supplies spiritual food. Most of Australia was built on small businesses with the “neighbourhood store” concept and God richly blessed the origins of the economy. Whether a business is micro, medium, or global size, there is room for all in a Kingdom business ministry. Some may financially support ministers of the gospel, as the businesses did with Paul in the New Testament (Acts 18:2-5). Paul also makes note of “this ministry of service” in 2Cor. 9:10-13, writing “because of the proof given by this ministry they will glorify God…for the liberality of your contribution.” Other businesses may have their skills and resources called upon.

There are probably many other points of difference that come to mind as you are thinking along this track. Practicing business by the principles of God’s economy will begin to evoke a blessing on your business and personal life. It is time for a revolution in business which will show to the world His ways, as we are admonished in Matthew 5:16; “Let your light shine before men in such a way that they may see your good works and glorify your Father who is in heaven.”


John for the Kingdom Builders Team


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