Common Wealth and Family

Article by Myles Monroe:

“The foundation of the Kingdom of God’s economy is access. It (access) is more powerful than ownership. The foundation of the world’s economy is private ownership.

The spirit of ownership creates many problems. Some of them are limitation, frustration, stress, contention, scarcity, lack, stealing, poverty, and sickness. That’s why the child of God shouldn’t model his or her thinking in the area of finances (or wealth in general) after the world’s system.

When Jesus told (and still tells) you not worry (Mathew 6:25-33), He was protecting you from sicknesses and diseases. Learning to trust Him with your whole heart will free you from lot of ills that consume people on a daily basis.

When He becomes the Lord (or dictator) of all you have you understand that He owns it all – you are just a custodian of the things in your possession – and the looking after of those things is His responsibility.

Ecclesiastes 10:19 is a well known verse of scripture. It says, ‘A feast is made for laughter, and wine makes merry; but money answers everything.’ But the Bible says something interesting in the twelfth verse of the fifth chapter of the same book (Ecclesiastes 5:12). It says, ‘The sleep of a labouring man is sweet, whether he eats little or much; but the abundance of the rich will not permit him to sleep.’

The Kingdom of heaven’s economy is not built by money – it is based on access. Ecclesiastes 5:12-14 shows us how God sees man when he (man) hoards and stores things for himself like there’s no tomorrow – it’s an exercise in futility. Now God is not against people saving or being responsible.

All He’s saying is ‘what do you have that you did not receive?’ That was the problem he had with the rich man (see Luke 12:16-21).  He was not against the man being rich – it was his (the rich man) pride that put Him (God) off. The word ‘I’ is mentioned six times in those verses. He gloried in himself rather than in the mercy of God. He claimed ownership rather than access, and the rest is history.

It’s important for you to know how the Almighty would have you do things. Ecclesiastes 5:15 shows us that man leaves with nothing after a life of toiling.

God’s way is access which comes through Lordship. Jesus never preached democracy, communism, socialism, or religion. He came with something different.

He knew that religion was not the answer – it has caused more problems than it solved. Even some of Jesus’ disciples desired the destruction of their opponents in the name of religion (see Luke 9:54-56). Jesus said, ‘I have not come to destroy men’s lives, but to save them.’ That’s my Jesus! He’s the greatest!

A kingdom is opposite to democracy – the centre of a kingdom is the king. The key to biblical economics is the Lordship of the king. I want to show you the key that freed me from lack and poverty. It is claiming ownership of nothing while having access to all things.

The solution to all the problems in the world is operating by the kingdom. All kingdoms have an economy called common wealth – a term used only in kingdoms. Democracies are not built for common wealth – they are for opportunists. In a true kingdom, wealth is common; though nobody owns it.

Jesus regularly talked about the Kingdom of God (see Matthew 3:2; 4:17, 22; 5:3; 6:33, and Luke 4:43). In Matthew 6:9, Jesus said to pray, ‘Our (not my) Father…’ In other words, come to the father for common wealth – not just wealth for yourself. Jesus didn’t ask us to pray to go to heaven; He asked us to pray for heaven to come to earth (see Matthew 6:10).

The concept of Lordship is the key to the Kingdom of God’s economy. Getting this truth into your spirit and consistently practicing it will get lack out your life forever. Jesus didn’t preach an economy of personal pursuit; but one of common wealth.

The Key to a kingdom is the King, and the glory of the kingdom is territory – unlike a democracy. The word owner is ‘Adonai’ in Greek. It means Lord or possessor. In true kingdoms there is no private ownership. You own nothing – but have access to everything. The most common word in the Bible is Lord – maybe that why it has lost its true meaning today.

If a person claims ownership to anything, they attract God’s judgment. God owns everything – man is just a custodian. Genesis 1 begins with the statement, ‘In the beginning God created the heaven (500 million galaxies) and the earth.’ That’s not a suggestion, but a statement of fact! In Exodus 6, God manifested Himself to Moses in a way that He didn’t when He was with Abraham.

He revealed Himself to Abraham as God Almighty (the supplier of his needs), but He revealed Himself to Moses as Jehovah (the one who is faithful to fulfill His promises and covenants). Even Pilate couldn’t do anything to Jesus without the permission of heaven – he was a tool in God’s hands.

Who is the Lord? The Hebrew word ‘Yahweh’ is translated Lord – it is used for Lordship. There’s no private ownership in Kingdoms. The two most dangerous concepts in the kingdom are independence and ownership.

When people start claiming, God’s starts killing! Lordship is the key to economic success.

In a kingdom the citizens are stewards – they use what is given to them for a while, until the king asks for it. 2012 is going to be a turn-around year for you because you will function with an understanding of the Lordship of God’s like you never have before.

Jesus demonstrated Lordship by asking His disciples to go and get the donkey for His use (Matthew 21) – only He could do that. That’s Lordship! It was His – the person they (His disciples) took it from was just the custodian! God’s owns everything – you have access to it all!

Someone may be holding stuff that God has reserved for you – it’s about to come into your hands because it’s not theirs. Never be jealous about anybody because God owns everything”.

John for the Kingdom Builders Team

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  1. Received from Mordechai
    Powerful. Such insight. Private ownership and democracy always raised questions for me in the context of the Biblical worldview. Democracy being the least bad alternative to a Godly monarchy, which was a rarity in human history. Private ownership being the nearest “commonly applicable” proxy for stewardship. Both useful and the least evil alternatives, yet not quite Biblical. Myles truly had insight. Thanks for sharing.

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