The Preferred Economy and Family

I have just had the privilege of spending a few days with Ps Gideon Chui and a number of other leaders from the Chinese House movement and Homecoming gatherings 

The growth of the Chinese  Christian movement over the last 5-7 years (to some 60-80 million people), is quite remarkable and the unity that has developed amongst the leaders is inspiring.

The emphasis they place on Family, Unity, Fatherhood and Sonship (motherhood and daughters) and learning about Covenant, are the KEYs in His kingdom.

If we are to move towards a “preferred economy”, then first we must learn and walk as a FAMILY.

Ps Gideon asked me on the first day what I had been learning over the last year or so, since I first met him. I replied that “before I can become the father that I would like to be, I first had to learn about what it is to be a son! I had to learn how to walk the talk of honouring other leaders and serving them, so I could then demonstrate this to the sons and daughters that have been brought around me.

The biblical story that best demonstrates,   is that of Moses when the Joshua  had to fight the army of Amalek (Exodus 17) . Aaron and Hur (his young guns) had to hold up Moses arms for the battle to be won.

No matter what kind of earthly father you had, good or not so good,they were only products of their generation and circumstance. I was lucky that I had a great Dad, but I was not brought up in a culture that was based on honouring and serving the fathers/leaders. I was brought up in a culture of “if it is to be, it’s up to me”! Therefore “self” is the most important thing.

When I look at a number of Eastern countries including the Chinese, the Jewish, the Greek and Italian (to name but a few), you can see the culture of looking after elders and honouring family as predominant amongst them.

If we are to move towards a “preferred economy” then we must learn to walk as a family who look after each other. We are all part of the family of Christ and we are in a covenantal relationship. We must learn to love each other, even those who perhaps we struggle with their behaviours sometimes, to honour the Fathers and Leaders and to generate sons and daughters into His Family.

Then we can work together towards a Kingdom economy!

John for the Kingdom Builders Team


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2 Responses to The Preferred Economy and Family

  1. Alan says:

    That’s excellent wisdom John. Alan

  2. Dexter Low says:

    Amen, fully agree. Too many times, covenants are being broken, too many times I have seen, and experienced sons and daughters do not honor their natural and spiritual parents. May God’s people rise in humility of hearts and join the Homecoming spirit of covenant relationship between fathers and fathers (men and women) and Fathers and Sons(men and women, not a gender issue).
    Dexter Low

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