The Preferred Economy

“Separating the sheep from the goats” …Have you ever heard the saying? Do you know that this phrase is derived from the Bible? Jesus spoke of dividing the sheep from the goats in His parable… as he described the “end of this age!” He stated that a day would come when He would sit on His throne and… gather all the nations before Him. And on that day He would then… separate the nations just as a shepherd separates the sheep from the goats. This account is found in Matthew 25. This segment of the Bible portrays the final portion of Christ’s reply to a few of His disciples when they approached Him with certain questions while He was sitting on the Mount of Olives.


Now who are the “Sheep” and who are the “Goats” that Jesus was going to separate?

One distinct difference between the goats and the sheep is that… goats wander off and like to do their own thing whereas the sheep even though they need more care follow their shepherd. The “Sheep” follow Jesus and the “goats” do not!

There are many other distinctions, which we will explore in weeks coming.


In this world today my observation is that most governments and individuals are concerned about SELF primarily. We have grown up in cultures, in the west particularly, based around “if it is to be, it’s up to me”!


My question is “when Jesus returns, what would His world and economy look like”? What would a kingdom economy look like?

Here are a few thoughts that my friend Dave Hodgson (Kingdom investors) has put together.



A nation that has replaced the modern economies of the world that are driven by GREED, FEAR and CORRUPTION. Replaced them with SHARING, CARING, and UNIVERSAL PROSPERITY.

This would lead to the creation of the biblical “sheep nation”. By Sheep nation we simply mean a nation with the following utopian, but achievable, conditions:


  • 1% Unemployment
  • No Poverty
  • No Homelessness
  • No disadvantaged minority groups
  • No Unsustainable debt
  • No Unfunded Liabilities
  • No Crime
  • No Family breakdown
  • No Domestic Violence
  • No Prisoner and therefore recidivism
  • No Sex slavery
  • No trafficking in children or girls
  • No Suicide
  • No Drugs
  • No Alcohol and substance abuse
  • No Radicalisation
  • A nation where everyone is cared for
  • A nation where everyone prospers
  • No fear
  • No greed
  • And above all, NO CORRUPTION




Impossible? Some may say so, but Kingdom Builders along with Kingdom investors, Christian Federation and many other partners we have decided to move towards this vision. At our recent GME (Global Marketplace Exchange) gathering in Melbourne we have committed to the following short term objective.


Within the next 12 months enlist 10,000 business men and women, through nominated church and other Christian organisations, to embrace, commit to and advocate for the Vision and Strategic Aims of The Preferred Economy.


Vision statement

We are committed to the creation of The Preferred Economy in Australia.

The establishment of an economic environment that; is conducive to the growth and success of business, (small, medium and large), provides ready access to capital, encourages free enterprise, fosters innovation, celebrates entrepreneurism and inspires philanthropy.

The Preferred Economy will only come to fruition when the culture of sharing, caring and universal prosperity is wholeheartedly embraced and practiced by all, for the long-term benefit of all present and future Australians.


I invite you to join us!

John for the Kingdom Builders Team

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Founder of Kingdom Builders
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1 Response to The Preferred Economy

  1. Received from Nigeria:
    The current system is not working because the Love of God and neighbour which once prevailed is fast being conferred to the past. This has been replaced by selfishness, pride and total submission to mammon. The strategy for the battle to get the preferred economy proclaimed is now the question. It will seem to me to be a spiritual one which only the Lord can give us revelation, wisdom and understanding about. Those in the kingdom who receive this from heaven will need to share with the the body and lead towards spiritual governance of our nations which will then proclaim the kingdom in the nations and lead to physical manifestation .


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