Seeing 2016 differently

Before focussing a little on the year we are in, let’s ask 2 or 3 simple questions about last year 2015:

  • What was your highlight last year?
  • In what ways did you see or sense God’s goodness, protection or guidance last year? Well done for reflecting back on these and thanking Him for them!
  • What is your sense of what God is busy with in you and your life in this season you are in?


Gratefully God’s ways and times are much bigger and better than ours. He doesn’t seem to be in the rush we seem to be in. Gratefully He is always Father, always loving, always sovereign and in total control, always with you, always believing in you, always at work developing our character/fruits of the Spirit and backbone (not wishbone), always caring, always for YOU, always ….


As you look ahead can you try and see things as God sees them. You know the line ‘what you focus on is what you get to the exclusion of ……’ In other words what are we maybe focussing on incorrectly, or missing out on completely? Is it maybe ‘I did it my way’?


Here are a few focus suggestions and challenges that you might also find helpful:

  • Which garden are you living in? Eden or Gethsemane? In Eden it was ‘my will not Yours be done’ whereas in Gethsemane it was ‘not My will Father but Yours be done’.
  • Or similarly ‘which tree are you eating from’? The Tree of Life or the tree of knowledge of good and evil? One of the problems with this latter tree is that it is a great enemy of true learning and transformation [because the greatest enemy of learning and transformation is knowing/knowledge {we think we know it all, we pursue more knowledge, academia and mans ways}. Maybe we are too full of the wrong things and need to empty ourselves more]. One of the Kingdoms key principles is ‘blessed are the poor in spirit’ because we need to come to the end of ourselves and the world’s ways so that we can be filled and transformed.
  • If you are asked by a non-believer (like Pilate asked), ‘what is truth’ how would you answer?


I was listening to the song ‘Adoration’ this morning and was ‘zapped’ (convicted/stunned) by these simple words

We bow our hearts, we lift our hands
We turn our eyes to you again
And we surrender to the truth
That all we need is found in You


We choose to leave it all behind
And turn our eyes towards the prize
The upward call of God in Christ
You have our hearts, Lord take our lives

  • Is ‘All you need is found in You’, your truth? I want to make it mine and hope you will also make it yours. Not just for 2016, but for always. As we connect with one another in different ways this year can we ask one another ‘how are you doing with “Is ‘All you need is found in You’, your truth?”’. Be reminded also of the words from that great hymn ‘all my needs Thy hand hast provided. Great IS thy faithfulness!!!’


Closing Kingdom thought: In addition to the thoughts and focus above, will you also embrace the simple truth and essence of being a follower of Jesus Christ by simply “HEARING His voice AND following Him”.

All we need for 2016 is found in Him! Enjoy hearing from Him and following only Him.

Enjoy His love and gentle, humble beckoning “COME, walk with ME”!!


COME, walk with Me! Amen.

Francois for the Kingdom Builders Team

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Founder of Kingdom Builders
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1 Response to Seeing 2016 differently

  1. Rob Meates says:

    To know Him, Love Him and Serve Him.
    Rob Meates

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