Consolidating via fear and feelings?

How do we consolidate and cement some of the key messages from recent blogs using fear and feelings?

First, just a few simple questions to help set the scene towards answering the above question?

  • In recent days (maybe weeks) can you describe how you have been feeling deep down?  (Guys also have feelings and emotions [heart stuff], so they must also answer )
  • What are you fearing most (or are quietly anxious about) in the next 30 odd days?
  • On a scale of 1 to 10 how has your peace and contentment been in recent days/weeks?

(10= completely ‘in shalom’)

  • Are you living by faith or by sight (trying to control everything yourself)?


In recent weeks we have been ‘scratching under the surface’ about our faith, our identities (Whose we are), our allegiance towards Jesus Christ [‘but who do YOU say I am’; ‘which tree have we been eating from’ and ‘is both our wine and wineskin new?’], our priorities and our awareness of pride and humility.

The above topics will be reviewed and consolidated using 5 words all beginning with the letter ‘F’ Viz Focus, Feelings, Fear, Facts and Faith.

In the Alpha course the relationship between Facts, Faith and Feelings is superbly explained. If we believe in God and His Word (Bible) these are indisputable Facts which cause us to have Faith in God as Father, (He has always been, and IS faithful, loving, gracious, true etc etc). Focussing on Facts, causes us to look forward through the eyes of Faith. We believe God, His Word, promises and plans for us and trust, just like a beautiful, innocent child would.

However, if we take our eyes off Facts and Faith we start losing Focus and start focussing on Feelings and becoming deceived. This causes us to look backwards and not forwards with Faith. Focussing on the need to feel good, in control, independent , accepted etc, causes us to be like the world (it’s all about you, your pleasures, possessions, looks, power, control ). Feelings are not always Factual. They are changeable and can easily go up and down. So beware of Feelings. Faith is faith irrespective of Feelings.

How did you go with answering the first 2 questions above? Deep down have you maybe been feeling the way Satan would want you to feel? (unloved, inadequate, doubting, down or depressed, guilty, striving, busy, independent, self-centered )

Similarly, have your fears not been influenced by Satan (and the world which he ‘controls’)?

There are more than 90 fears and phobias we can battle with, but these can all be simplified down to just three simple fears:

  • The fear of not being loved
  • The fear of not belonging
  • The fear of not being good enough

You know well Who IS the perfect answer to these fears (only Jesus). Will you rather ‘lift up your eyes’ in childlike Faith {like Peter and walk on water and rather be like an eagle and victor not like a chook (chicken) or victim}?

Our Faith is NOT dependent on how we Feel. It’s based only on Facts, the promises of God! It’s based on what Jesus has done and IS today!

With God shaking all things of late, we must Focus of Facts and Faith, not Feelings or Fears. We can choose to believe what Satan and the world would want us to believe (thus causing fearfulness, anxiety, confusion, intimidation etc).

OR, rather, we choose to believe in Facts (as told/promised) by God in His Word and so live in hope and Faith. (Faith could be described as trust in the promises of God. God makes a promise; faith believes it, hope anticipates it, patience quietly waits for it. [N Gumbel}. We live by faith NOT by sight.

We choose to ‘BE’ believing believers. We believe and know Whose we are and therefore ‘who’ we are. These are immovable, unshakeable Facts!

This IS great, Good News!!!

Simple Kingdom thought: As a follower of Jesus you ARE a much loved son or daughter! You ARE!!

Francois for the Kingdom Builders Team


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