Deception and ‘not letting go’

‘Quietly.’, on a scale of 1 to 10 how proud a person would you say you are? [10 = the epitomy of pride]

On a scale of 1 to 10 how humble would you rate yourself as? (10 = epitomy of humility)

Just a few quick, simple questions to help set the scene a bit further:

  1. Most of the time, do you like to try and get your own way?
  2. Most of the time, do you find yourself thinking about yourself and your circumstances? [Conversely, how often then do you think about others and ‘higher things’)
  3. Do you worry a lot?
  4. How often do you like to have the last word or say? (in an argument or discussion)
  5. Do you often compare yourself to others?
  6. How patient and long-suffering would you say you are? (with the faults and weaknesses of others)
  7. If you were asked to define pride how would you do this?

If we so seldom talk (or pray) about pride and humility is this not another area where we have been deceived (but don’t know we have been deceived because we have already been deceived? And so continue with ‘respectable’ sinning?)?

In 5 above, how did you do with trying to define what pride is? Go on, try and list 5 to 10 things that typify what pride is.

PRIDE (simply and practically) is:

  • when you think you are better than others
  • not being easily open to correction. (Alternatively, how much do you try and defend yourself?)
  • how much you try and please people (instead of God)
  • getting upset when someone doesn’t thank or acknowledge you for something you’ve done for them
  • getting upset when people say something about you; judge you or criticize you (you are easily offended)
  • stopping being thankful for something you were once thankful for
  • wanting to be self-governing (you don’t want any guidance or advice. You don’t want any God control in your life)
  • Being judgmental of other people
  • being blinded to your own faults
  • wanting to give your opinion too often, not letting others contribute or finish what they’re saying
  • taking credit for that which is actually due to God. [Healthy EGO = Exalting God Only; Unhealthy ego = Edging God Out]
  • …………………….
  • …………………….


  • When we worry are we not saying that we are trying to find a way to solve our problem? [Stop trying to reason things out! If God doesn’t show you what to do then you don’t need to always try and figure things out]
  • All impatience is rooted in pride. All the irritations that we feel (you got in my way; you didn’t move fast enough etc) are all pride
  • All judgment is rooted in pride. Judgment is just finding a way to feel better about yourself by finding something wrong with someone else.

Isn’t pride the root of every sin and evil? Is it not what God absolutely detests/ abhors?

Again, on a scale of 1 to 10 how proud a person are you?

Had enough? Is it OK to continue writing about HUMILITY next week? And then about IDOLS? (DV)

Closing Kingdom thought: Humility is the place of entire dependence on God. It is like ‘being poor in spirit’ [IE coming to the end of yourself]. {Humility does not mean you are always a ‘doormat’ or ‘pushover’}.

Is it not a good thing to pray for forgiveness (of pride, independence, self-control etc) and to pray for humility? (ie transformation)

May YOUR Kingdom come!

Francois for the Kingdom Builders Team

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