Deception and Wine

Have you perhaps been deceived (or seduced, tricked or conned) by the Deceiver and don’t know it because you have already been deceived? Some simple ‘warning signs’ of being deceived include ‘being self-centred, being independent, being unteachable, wanting your own way mostly, being overly concerned about what others think, being proud or stubborn, ……’

As the spiritual battle we are in is a real and fiercely fought one, it is vital that our beliefs, foundations and faith are strong and unwavering. We must know the Truth and BE believing believers together.

Please recall the scene where Pontius Pilate asked Jesus the simple question ‘what is truth’? If you had to answer that right now, how would you answer? Go on, how would you answer this?

The intention of these blogs is to stimulate and increase our awareness of the Truth. That Truth that sets us free! Towards this end we have already asked two simple questions about what you and I are believing. Viz:

“But who do YOU say I (Jesus) AM”. [Not ‘was’ [past-tense], but now [present-tense]? And secondly,

“Which tree are you eating from? [The tree of KNOWLEDGE of good and evil {Greek thinking not Hebraic thinking} or the tree of LIFE {Jesus}?].

The third question we must ask about whether or not we are living in deception is closely linked to the first two. It is:

Are both ‘your wine and wineskin’ new”?

Jesus said, “No one sews a patch of unshrunk cloth on an old garment. …Neither do men pour new wine into old wineskins. …”

If God is doing a new thing we must not try and attach the old (anything of man, the flesh or the world, or being driven by personal ambitions, power, pride and such-like) onto the new.

The wineskin exists for the wine (not the other way around). Therefore, new wineskins should only be created for new {Spirit-led} wine. New wineskins and wine will only emerge from brokenness, humility and emptiness (poor in spirit etc), seeking FIRST the Kingdom and His righteousness. It is “He {Jesus} must increase and we must decrease”.

We must ‘lift up our eyes”, know the times (and be fully aware of deception, pride, facades, new ‘models’, fads, structures and any ways of the world, especially the marketplace). Maybe we have been so busy ‘doing the things of the Lord that we have forgotten who IS the Lord (of all things’). [But ‘who do YOU say I am’?]

When we open our hearts and ask the Lord to search them it is amazing what will be revealed quietly and deeply (and continue to be revealed).

Instead of feeling guilty or condemned rather be encouraged to seek the Lord and, in His gentleness, compassion, forgiveness, grace and love, let Him gently comfort, convict, forgive and begin to renew, restore and transform you. Transformation is a re-definition of who we are and all that we do. Only He is the master heart surgeon!

Some closing Kingdom food for thought: God is ALWAYS loving Father, faithful and ….(much more). He IS doing a new thing. He IS shaking all things as He continues His three end-time purposes. ( preparing Israel, a Bride and a Kingdom for the King) .

We must know Whose we are!

May Your Kingdom come!

Francois for the Kingdom Builders Team

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