Deception and Trees?


Have you and I maybe been deceived but we do not know we have been deceived because we have been deceived?

We have unknowingly believed the lies of the Deceiver?

Last week we touched on one of the most pivotal Kingdom questions we must answer and also included these profound words ‘What we believe determines who (or whose) we are and influences all that we do’. We touched briefly on what you believed about God and how you were making sense of the times we are living in.

Again, imagine Jesus has just ‘come into your space’ and asks you gently and lovingly “but who do you say I am?” Would your answer be a ‘head’ answer where you know about Him and His teachings and try your best to live and be like Him? [But isn’t this like all other religions and philosophies?]

OR, would it hopefully, be a ‘heart’ answer because of the intimacy and relationship you share and live with Him continually. You know that Jesus did not say ‘follow My teachings’, but simply said “follow Me”. It’s simply NOT about you because you fully believe that it’s simply ‘taking up your cross, denying yourself and following Him like a child’.

Have we been deceived biut don’t know it (because we have been deceived)?

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If Satan is the deceiver, accuser, father of all lies etc etc here are some of the deceptions we might have been seduced, deceived or conned into:

  • He (Satan) is not around. [Don’t consider or blame him. It must be you, your parents, God or …]
  • Carry on being so busy and driven (often for the wrong reasons and motives), so that you never, or seldom, enjoy “BE still and ..; and so seldom hear from your Father”. We have somehow believed that it’s all about DOING to HAVE forgetting that it’s about BEING and BECOMING (like Jesus).
  • We believe that our identity, self-worth and significance come from our position (our title, power, status etc’, our possessions (our address, qualifications, wealth, spouses looks and/or capabilities etc) and thirdly, ‘we are the praises we receive from the people we seek to receive praises from.
  • We have been conned by Greek philosophy and the ways of the world today as we continue to eat from the tree of knowledge of good and evil. It’s all about superficiality, knowledge, intellect, academia, authority, control, domination, manipulation, intimidation, greed, etc etc, where we seek to be as self-sufficient and self-determining as possible. We live in ‘MY world’. [not ‘me in God’s world’}
  • We have believed the ‘Gospel of the Church’ and not the ‘Gospel of the Kingdom’
  • ………..
  • ………..

We have somehow believed the lie that God is not Father, is not in control, you can’t trust and depend on Him. It’s the serpents promise ‘By eating from this tree you will be making your own decision. You will be like God determining for YOURSELF what is right and what is wrong’

As you well know, we are to eat ONLY from the tree of life which is Gods own life made accessible to us. Today, the tree of life IS the Lord Jesus Christ. He is not just the Gate or Door but also the WAY, the TRUTH and the LIFE (both sufferings and glory). We must know Christ as our “rest’ and let Him live His life through us!

A closing Kingdom thought: ‘We must be more RELATIONAL and TRANSFORMATIONAL [following Jesus = transformation?] and less INSTITUTIONAL. We know, believe and embrace inter alia, ‘’’I will build MY Church’ ; ‘without Me you ….’ And ‘My strength is made perfect in …..’”

Be encouraged to continue seeking FIRST (ie there is no ‘second’?) the Kingdom and His righteousness and ………

May Thy Kingdom come!

Francois for the Kingdom Builders Team

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