It’s all about Fathers and Sons

It has been some weeks since we last posted. The Kingdom Economic  Summit we  hosted was a wonderful success and for those who have not viewed the video links can be found

and the power points of both Dan Galai and Fulton Sheen

Over these weeks we also were blessed with a visit from Gideon Chui, the coordinator of the Chinese house movement leaders (5 house movements with over 60 million Christians). His story and his example is truly a remarkable story of sonship and fatherhood.

I believe that it’s all about sons and daughters. God is not looking for slaves and servants but son’s and daughters with a servants heart; a heart to love, a heart to serve. I believe our true legacy is in the hands and heart of the next generation. When we build into the lives of others, we are building the Kingdom because Jesus said the Kingdom of God is within.  Malachi 4:1-6 .

In hindsight, the development of our Young Guns Expound program was exactly for this purpose, although I did not realise it at the time.

These are times where we are living in a fatherless generation, both in the natural and in the Spirit, in the world and in the Church.  Most of us have never experienced the true love of a father, even if you had a great Dad. They were just products of their fathers.

These are end time covenant scriptures. He is not just talking about discipleship and mentoring, He is talking about Fatherhood and Sonship…unconditional love and covenant.

But covenant is a two-way street and as surely as there has been a lack in the area of fatherhood, there has equally been a lack in the area of true Sonship and the Spirit of Sonship.

Spiritual Fathers have to be willing to take the time necessary to disciple and mentor, to raise up this next generation.  We as spiritual fathers and mothers need to be vulnerable, available and committed to equipping and preparing this next generation of leaders for the Lord.

If we expect to walk in the riches of our inheritance we are going to have to live, think and believe as sons.  Fathering and Sonship is not hierarchical, it is relational-base on honour, integrity and mutual respect.

Sometimes as we attempt to embrace a son in the spirit we find them so hurt and broken from a previous bad relationship that they are under the influence of an orphan spirit or a vagabond spirit and unable to give and receive the love and intimacy necessary to step into true Sonship.

When we are not able to give our hearts to one another in trust and intimacy we cannot grow and the foundation of the relationship is not strong enough to carry it through. It is that foundation of love that builds trust and loyalty, birthed out of intimacy and spending time together that builds strength to overcome the storms that will arise.

Fathers don’t follow sons, sons follow fathers. A son should pursue the father (Jesus, Paul, Elijah, and Moses were all fathers of the faith). We are all familiar with the old saying, “When the student is ready, the teacher will appear.” The same can be said for the Mentor/Disciple, Father/Son relationship. When the Son is ready, the Father shall appear. Both hearts willing to come together, one to impart, one to receive, to pass the torch, to leave the legacy. That’s the Spirit of Sonship.


John for the Kingdom Builders Team

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