Are there 10 Good Men

In Genesis 18 we find the story of Abraham’s discussion with God over the city of Sodom. We know the outcome. Unfortunately we are seeing many similar things evolve in today’s world. The legalisation of same sex marriage in the USA being but one of the most recent events. I just received this email from a friend:

‘Things’ are getting out of control now John – US Supreme Court decision; Greece; QE; and I’ve just learned that Chinese savers have $21 trillion to spend and they just need the legal go-ahead from their lawmakers to be able to spend it overseas; then they will buy everything that moves in Aussietopia…or is it Slavelandia? What fools we are as a nation; signing damnable so-called free trade agreements…TPP will be an unmitigated disaster. It is pure unadulterated Babylon.



Agree or not,  I am asking the question, are you one of the ones who is:

  • Prepared to Demonstrate and Live the Fathers love to others?
  • Will not bow down to Baal!
  • Is desperate to understand God’s economic system and get out of Babylon?
  • Will stand for our basic Judeo /Christian principles?
  • Will stand for Family and Life?
  • Wants desperately to understand and Live Unity in His Kingdom?
  • Is prepared to be an Influencer to all that they can?

If this is you, I would love to meet you and connect you with others that are of the same mind, heart and spirit…and let me tell you there is more than one!!

If you can join us for the Kingdom Economic Summit on July 10th either by person or web.

If this is not you yet, can you pray for us who are willing to make this step as it will not be easy, there will be opposition, there will be temptation.


John for the Kingdom Builders Team


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