We all need a little…


For about 7 years (2006-20013) , we conducted Kingdom teaching days and the “Prophetic cafe”, both at  market place events and in offices that we had access to in Stkilda Road Melbourne.

Our teaching days are to help business people understand Biblical Principles and HOW to apply the in their life. We invited Christian and non Christian alike to partake in free training and development. We also would offer each individual at the completion of a day the opportunity to stay and hear some words of encouragement/ prophetic insights, that our prayer team (who had been in a separate room all day) had received for each individual. These were mostly written down and handed to the participant to keep.

Many came, especially in the heat of GFC times of 2008/9. Business people were looking for alternative answers, a different way. Some came and then got involved with groups we ran…KBbusiness and KBmens groups….and some we never saw again. Most of the time we would not hear what happened to individuals in their ensuing journey.

Last wednesday however I was privileged to get a first hand update from one such person who turned up at a market place business event where business people get to share their service and story.

At the first coffee break I met David as he informed me that he attended one of our days, 5 years ago. He briefly shared with me that his whole life had changed and turned around since that day.

When he got his turn to speak in front of the 50 plus business people there, he said:
“I am not here to sell anything to you but I want to share with you what happened to me 5 years ago.

In Jan 2010 I was depressed and close to suicide, I had lost my money, lost my purpose and vision and could not see past the dark cloud I was in. A friend called me and told me I had to come to a business networking morning breakfast. I didn’t want to go but she was persistent. After the breakfast another friend  insisted that I go to another meeting up near Stkilda road and today the man that ran that meeting is here, John from Kingdom Builders.

It was the day that turned my life around. Little did I know, that in another room from where we sat, there was a group of people praying for all of us.

At the end of the day they came in to share what God had given them and to speak prophetically or encouragingly to each person. Let me tell you that everything they said has come to pass, I have their writings with me today if anyone would like to examine them.

I now lead a company that turns over 70 million a year and probably 100 million shortly.
I have been given gifts to multiply and make wealth, not for my sake but to bless and grow Gods Kingdom”!!!!!

There were many tears in the room including mine,many hearts were touched and let me say if I ever have questioned the fruit of what we as a group have done…all doubt has left my mind.


John for the Kingdom Builders Team


PS. Next week we will have Peter Fitzgerald back with us to give some updates on the financial markets and what is happening in World economies.

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1 Response to We all need a little…

  1. Kent H says:

    Amazing how a guy could re-sync to the wonders of the universe with help. Love how it was given back to the group and shared today on the blog. I think that I loved Gary’s network and the Kindgon teaching sessions and it’s been a key part of my own jouney since (and I’ve received a TON of encouragement too). As I type, i see the tags above me and reckon John nailed it with BUSINESS, MIRACLES, PRAYER, Prophecy, Purpose, Testimonies. I’m often so busy in my little mind, I forget gratitude. So today, I’ll add a personal one. Gratitude. Thanks for sharing this and to the team – delivering daily – at the coal face. Kent

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