Predications for 2015

As is becoming normal for me, I spent time at the shack over Christmas, asking God about this year, where I was to go, what I was to do…..the normal “show me the plan questions.

As “normal” He didn’t give me the step by step process or plan, but I what I heard was – “the darkness will increase”!

At the same time I also got –“but so will my light”.

Last year about the same time I wrote about predications for 2014.

I have not described this before, but I think it is important to share how this came about. I was at the shack with one of our “Young Guns” and a friend of hers, as evening descended. It was a beautiful night and we entered a time of worship and praise. As we did so, it was like the sky was filled with literal darkness. We went from a beautiful sunset into complete black clouds surrounding us, there was no light!!!

A few minutes later, as we continued to observe and worship, a bright light appeared in the middle of the blackest clouds, it was like a star twinkling in the middle of the blackness, or what I would imagine to be the Star of David as observed thousands of years ago.  I believe I was being shown the times that we are entering and yet in the middle was HIS Light!

As I look back at 2014, I like you, can see the increasing darkness in this world. I also observed more of the wonderful light of the Kingdom of God and His Spiritual Kingdom.


For 2015 I believe that:

  • There will be a clear delineations between the Kingdom of Heaven(light/right) and the ways of the World (darkness/oppression)
  • There will be hard choices for Christian men and Women as to which system they align with and whether they will STAND UP for their beliefs.
  • There will be increasing pressure/breakdown on the Economic system, our political/governmental and educational systems.
  • We will see more Supernatural signs and wonders and at the same time there will be more deceptions in the natural.
  • September will be a significant month. We will witness both realms.
  • That Netweaving and being in UNITY (dare I say covenant) in the Church and the Market places/domains/mountains/spheres (whatever terminology you prefer, especially among the leaders) will become critical if we are to have any influence.


I am always  reluctant to bring these predictions forward until they are confirmed to me.

When I returned to Melbourne last week, one of the first meetings I had was with the organizers of our upcoming GME(Global Marketplace Exchange) conference Feb 5-7th, in Melbourne. That evening we were joined by some members of Congress WBN. As I shared some of the above visions and words, their leader Peter, jumped in with “We have been convicted by the scripture Isiah 60:1-4 and what you have said has reinforced it’s truth”.  As he shared that, the lights and power in the room went out!! No there was no storm outside. He later wrote:

“The scripture from Isaiah 60: 1-2 was so dramatically captured by the moment when the lights went off and I believe that, the lights coming back at the end indicated the power of our unity will bring the finalization of God’s purpose in the earth. We broke the walls that divides us and truly connected on the basis of scripture and not event. We went home excited that we had found genuine brothers and sisters we can fight alongside as we declare ” Your Kingdom come, your will be done on earth as it is in heaven”.

The next morning I received a blog on Unity from Forerunner perspective which contained the following: ” With that said, I have been privy to boundless prophetic writings, emails, blog posts, etc. regarding the New Year of 2015.  Without fail, the content of the messages are primarily regarding Unity in the Body of Christ or at least mention Unity as a supporting factor”!

I have come to believe that if you are on the right track, then God will be releasing similar words and visions to others in His body around the world.

I am looking forward to the journey with you this year..



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1 Response to Predications for 2015

  1. Monika Evers says:

    Totally agree Joh nand can I add…. that I saw a unique cloud two days ago and a pull …that made me stop the car.

    It literally was a vertical cloud as long as the neck of an emu striaght up in the air…except the head was that of a parrot.
    I took it to our group…the parrot is a repeater…sticking you neck up and out is what we believed we were being asked to do. And keep saying what we have said before…

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