UNITED WE STAND…..divided……

Many of you would know the terms Synergy, Multiplication, Ephemeralisation and Netweaving (click on links if you do not)

These are scientifically based terms which all have a Biblical base. They are the way God has designed nature, based on physics, maths, chemistry….finance, romance and pot plants….

These principles are part of what make His Kingdom of UNITY or what He called His Dunamis power…Unified with HIM! Not everyone the same, doing the same thing, thinking the same ways but Unified IN HIM!

Last week we were invited to bring 10 Christian friends, who may have influence in the media, to a briefing on the Palestine/Israel situation. We were invited by the Friends of Hebrew Universities, whom we are working with for our Hidden Treasures Trip in November.

So we went to a Synagogue and community centre in Caulfield along with about 200 Jewish Media/Business/Political influencers.

We were greeted  as brothers with open arms, thankfulness for our willingness to support. As I looked around I recognised people from all differing factions, religious and otherwise of the Jewish people. The facilitator for the day Mark Southwick (MP) rose to welcome all parts of the community and friends and reminded them that although we may come from differing backgrounds/factions/interest groups/ religious upbringing……..that when THEIR NATION (of which we are a branch too) is under attack….WE STAND AS ONE – UNITED!

All of you would know then whenever we stand as one….power is multiplied …and when we stand as one in HIM…Dunamis power! One will put to flight a thousand and two …..???????

What does it take FOR US to get this principle in the Kingdom Of God? What does it take for us to see that the Church and the market Place are one in His Kingdom, to understand we are one in this city, one in  this nation?

Will it be another be another threat to our education system as per the flurry two weeks ago when we find out that no longer can Bibles be distributed, discussions take place , Christian events be publicised in our public school system in Victoria?

Do we need to raise another 8.700 emails in 36 hours to get our leaders to change legislation after the event?(this is to done yet and there is much still to do)

Does it take FULL OPPRESSION of our morals, values and Christian heritage before we STAND UP? I won’t even talk about the Christian persecution that is taking place in other parts of the world!!

There is much to be done but the good NEWS is that it is starting.

The Market Place Leaders in Melbourne are coming together in Feburary 2015  and many of the Church’s are coming together on OCTOBER 19th 2014  for CHURCH UNITE.

May I invite you to come STAND TOGETHER on October 19th!

John for the Kingdom Builders Team


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