We did Something! Well done!

Yesterday we received the following news:
The Minister for Education, Martin Dixon, released what is called a ‘standard response’ to Coalition MPs.
It said:
It was never the government’s intention to ban lunchtime student prayer groups or religious clubs at school. The Minister for Education, the Hon. Martin Dixon MP, has directed his department to amend its policy guidance to be consistent with the government’s intent.

The Victorian Government continues to support the principle that freedoms of religion, association and expression must not be impeded.
The Minister has also told ABC radio that students are free to exchange Bibles at school.
I want to thank you for taking action. I hope you will join with me in thanking Mr Dixon for addressing our concerns and for his commitment to freedom of religion and association.

His email address is


But this is but the start!

For those of you who read the legislation You would haver seen that there are four registered providers of SRI In Victoria:(please click on and read, as there are many other concerning parts to this legislation)

Accrediting Providers
​Christianity ​              ACCESS Ministries, see: ACCESS Ministries
Catholicism​               Catholic Education Office​
Islam​                          Arkan Toledo/Islamic Council of Victoria
​Judaism ​                    United Jewish Education Board
​Buddhism, Sikhism, Hinduism, Orthodox Christianity, Bahá’í faith and others                   http://religionsforpeaceaustralia.org.au/


I get really concerned when I see the push of Islam/ sharia law into our schools especially when I see the trail of destruction around the world

Irak, Iran, Syria, Cyprus, Turkey….the growing list of persecution of Christians and Jews.


John for the Kingdom Builders Team

About kingdombuildersbusiness

Founder of Kingdom Builders www.kingdombuilders.com.au
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1 Response to We did Something! Well done!

  1. Lyn Hannie says:

    Already emailed the Hon. Martin Dixon. As an SRI teacher to Preps in the Bayside area we have been advised we can no longer give out a reward/encouragement item such as a sticker to the students in class. We have been asked to change the wording of a particular song to avoid singing My God. However God is BIGGER than all this and His will will prevail, in His time. BTW John we need many more volunteers to cover other local schools.

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