I am in KL at the moment after just completing 4 days of International Christian Chamber of Commerce (ICCC) Asia conference. We were blessed with a number of great speakers but in particular a wonderful gentle man form USA, – Dr Dale Fife (author of the Secret Place)

Dr D as we came to know him, was a church pastor for 45 years but has been called out to speak, in particular to a “NEW TRIBE” ……BUSINESS PEOPLE!



As we have written a number of times in the past we are called as Kings and Priests into the marketplaces and to use His giftings/testimonies/witness as we are led amongst the people.

Below is one of the handouts Dr D gave us and I have added the title “Spiritual Government”






I certainly was encouraged when I saw this, as I believe that this is the time we are called stand as a body against the unrighteousness of the worlds systems and to bring transformation to society, breaking the spirit of poverty that many have lived in and to release the Kings resources into His people….their God given dreams, visions and purposes.


One great lesson that was reinforced to me was the absolute necessity of waiting in His PRESENCE….understanding His plan and His timing. For me this is spending time at “The Shack”!


I reflect back on times that I have got the plan but gone ahead in my own strength and not in His timing.

May I encourage you to spend that time in YOUR SECRET PLACE and seek not just His plan but His timing!!!

It’s worth spending the time…..He made us to commune with Him!

Not to be human “DOINGS” but human “BEINGS”!

John for the Kingdom Builders Team



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  1. Peter Kentley says:

    Thanks for sharing John. May I offer one or two points for further consideration as I see it –

    On wealth transference – we should not interpret this as money falling out of the sky or winning lotto. We believe God gives us the ability to create wealth (Deut 8:18) – through excellence, wisdom, integrity, sensible investment and kingdom principles that makes and attracts good business in accordance with the Abrahamic Covenant – God blesses us that we may bless others (Gen 12:2-4).

    On our identity – careful research of Revelation 1:5 shows that we are made ‘a kingdom’ but not kings. This interpretation is supported by the previous verse where we can see that John is talking about Jesus being “the ruler of the kings of the earth”. Also while we are part of the “priesthood of all believers” we are not necessarily ordained priests in the gathered church (while some business people have been ordained). So we are ‘sons of the King’ and part of the kingdom – but not every business person is a king. We are part of the priesthood of all believers – but not every business person is in the vocation of the priesthood.

    Nevertheless we should act with the wisdom, love, and wealth creation gifting of the Kingdom and we should deal with the demonic with the full force of the royalty of Heaven.


  2. Ajith says:

    Tks. John for sharing these important points with us. If I may also draw attention to what was seen during pre-breakfast Prayer time, God leading us through a door into new territory or area… This is very significant for us to be mindful of the new things the Lord is doing that we may walk in obedience advancing the Kingdom accomplishing the portion God has purposed to be done by each one of us.
    We have received our individual KEYs! As the saying goes, “out of sight – out of mind”, let me encourage all to keep it in a visible place so that it will remind us of what it is there for.

  3. David Tidy says:

    Thanks John, great report from the time with ICCC, a good organisation to support. I would like to express that the Kingdom of God, which dwells within His people who have made Him King in their lives, do have a kingly rule and are priests serving Him. This Kingdom has first to manifest itself within us as individuals prior to it being able to change things. It is the Kingdom flowing out of us that releases others and situations. In Numbers 4, it speaks serveral times using the term “serving for the work”. This root word for serving (Tsava) is a military term, being a trype of spiritual warfare, it is a key to the protection of God’s Holiness, within the life of a Christian and their business. Each one of the families of the Levites were called to watch over and protect each item that had been declared Holy by the Lord. It is this type of priestly duties that He calls us to enter into when we come to serve others for the sake of the Kingdom, especially within business. Without the KIngly authority and the priesthood there can be no real Kingdom of God manifest. It starts within and flows out of us, therefore we are His Kings and Priests in this world of business. Are we not in fact little Christs…Christians. As you say Being is before Doing. David Tidy

    • Dear John and David,

      With all due respect and honour I believe our language and understanding has to be carefully derived from scripture to help us operate correctly in our everyday circumstances. As far as I am concerned there is only one King in the Kingdom of God and that is Jesus. In John 15:15 Jesus calls us friends. In Romans 8:11 Jesus lives within us by his spirit. In Gal 3:26 we are called sons of God and in 1 John 3:2 we are children of God – but nowhere in the New Testament are we called Kings. Rather we are called to walk in humility and bow our knee before Jesus who alone is enthroned as King at the right hand of our Father in heaven.

      However as friends of Jesus and sons of God we are of Royal adoption and members of the household of God. Like Cornelius we are under authority to exercise authority by faith. We are to deal with the demonic with the full force of the Kingdom of God – but that authority is only safe when we walk in love, humility and grace, We have to align our view of ourselves with the teaching of Jesus in the beatitudes.

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