Have you ever wondered why an idea, a plan , a vision that you believe you have been given, seems so hard to come to FRUITION.

When I first started Kingdom Builders I knew it was a plan and purpose of God, yet the first year as I went immediately into action, was such a struggle, in fact it was one of the most difficult years of my life.

I have had to learn many times over that being given a plan, does not necessarily mean you need to act on it immediately! We need to seek God’s timing and often we need to be made ready(Character) to carry out His plan.

Here is a letter I received yesterday from a friend:

“For the last 2 years I have been working on several plans for Uganda / Kenya mission work I would like to set up. God has shown me ideas of building cheap homes .. His ways are higher than ours.

One of the ideas is to set up a roofing company, to roll our own roofs and to create a business to supply that roofing material, corrugated iron or colorbond. The only sheets you can get at the moment are 2400mm long and made of material that is like paper.

We want to  produce high quality at whatever length you require. The major challenge we were faced with was getting supply of the right width and thickness material.

I have prayed and thought and prayed, and tried, and maybe given up a little…… thinking, “it is too hard”. (remember I said maybe!)

Today I began the process of finding a source of flat iron that can be rolled into “Custom Orb”, corrugated iron. Mr Google is very handy when you type the correct thing. One of the pages said, “Welcome to Uganda Baati”. I clicked and to my amazement what unfolded was very exciting. As I opened the pages the display of the sizing of the material I needed, was there in front of me, listing the colours and gauge, WOW, and to top it off the location……..

About eight months ago, I parked at the supermarket and alighted from my ute, I was feeling a bit despondent and struggling to lift up my head, as most of the projects I had been working on didn’t seem to be making any progress.

What are You doing Lord ?

Am I the only one who feels like this ?

Anyway I noticed an African man walking back to his car and the Lord said “say hello” I did. As it turned out this man, who is a Christian and goes by the name of Sylvester, is from a town named Tororo in the eastern district of Uganda, about one hour drive from Mbale, where we are setting up the mission work.

Sylvester is involved it business here and his ambition is to construct homes for the poor and needy of eastern Uganda, one of the things we are working towards.

The location of the plant that produces the material we will need, is in the town of Tororo. I rang Sylvester this afternoon and shared with him what I had discovered, I asked him if he knew the factory and I told him the road where it is situated, he corrected my pronunciation an then shared more AMAZING stuff. He told me that last week he had a meeting with 2 Indian gentlemen in Dandenong Victoria Australia who own the Tororo Steel Works Ltd. in Tororo.

HELP me Lord with my unbelief.

Peter James Sculley

Help Us ALL Lord to know you are in charge and your TIMING is always PERFECT

John for the Kingdom Builders Team.

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  1. Paul Bovolos says:

    Awesome testimony

    Very encouraging,


    Thank you,

    God Bless you John

  2. Bruce Morrison says:

    Well, it is so encouraging to know most of us are going through the same sort of stuff, but like Elijah, sometimes we can’t see the wood for the trees and realize we”re not on our pat malone, there are others enduring similar “character building exercises”. Paul calls us to endurance and to press on regardless. Jesus settled a squabble between two disciples with,”what is it to you?” It’s nice when a brother gives us a reminder of who we are working for and it IS His timing.

  3. Thank you John for sharing Peter’s story. God’s timing is everything.

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