The Difference between Wealth and Riches

The Difference between Wealth and Riches

People talk about Wealth and Being rich as it is the same thing. There is a major difference…….

Wealth is produced from soil and toil; it is always tangible; it is ‘owned’ by God…a point the caretaker/manager acknowledges; it is unencumbered by debt;

* Riches are promises to pay; IOU’s; pieces of paper; the aim is gain without (personal) toil; always intangible; it’s all about “me” and “my” future & security, not about God;

* Wealth is a blessing; riches is a trap; wealth is fairly uncomplicated and straight forward; riches are complicated and underpinned with reams of (little understood) paperwork;

* In wealth one works; in riches one waits (for an unearned return);

* Wealth is allocated by the owner (Deuteronomy 8:17-18) but riches are usurped;

* Wealth is a journey; riches is a game…the former is about building (lives, communities, the kingdom); the latter is about winning…but only for those involved in the game;

* Those with real wealth tend not to boast, but the rich do – they think rich, talk rich, act rich, believing wealth and riches are the same; they are deceived (Matthew 13:22);

* Those with true wealth tend to avoid riches – they understand about pieces of paper, Ponzi schemes and financial whoremongers that ‘inhabit’ the riches industry;

* In truth, wealth and riches are mutually exclusive!


Characteristics of WEALTH…

* Basically, wealth is produced when labour is applied to natural resources

* “We’ve golden soil and WEALTH for toil” and “our land abounds in natures gifts”

Soil & natures gifts (sunlight, water, soil) are GOD’S contribution to wealth

Labour or toil (includes wisdom and ingenuity) is the human contribution

An ASSET only qualifies as WEALTH if…

* It contains both elements: soil and toil

* It is tangible

* The owner has full control of the asset (i.e. clear title)

* It is debt free (debt transfers ownership and ultimate control to lender)

* And for believers, acknowledgement of the true owner


Characteristics of RICHES…


* Riches are based on gain without toil (unearned, something for nothing, speculation)

* Riches are merely an IOU or promise to pay, someone else’s liability

* Riches are not tangible (a piece of paper or computer blip)

* There is no control for the ‘investor’ in riches, always having to rely on others

* Riches is a rigged game (if you doubt this, tap ‘plunge protection team’ into Google)

* The truth: it’s all a huge Ponzi scheme!

The Word of Truth states…


In Proverbs 23:5 – Solomon warned that “…riches make wings and fly away

In Matthew 13:22 – Jesuswarned about the “deceitfulness of riches…”


Proverbs 13:11 sums up this message thus – “Wealth gotten by vanity [i.e. no labour, unearned, emptiness] shall be diminished: but he that gathers by labour shall increase”



Further aspects of wealth and riches…

* You invest in wealth but speculate in riches

Money is not wealth; debt is not wealth; riches are not wealth

* There can be no long term financial security in riches

* Riches can drop to zero value but wealth always has a value

Our counsel: If you haven’t yet been deceived by riches YOU WILL BE!

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  1. godsgirl62 says:

    Amen to this…I pray to be filled with more wealth and less riches

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