Kingdom Principles Today

Kingdom builders business is about teaching and understanding Kingdom  Principles and how we implement them into our lives and Business’s. It’s about sharing and multiplying the gifts and talents and REAL Wealth, (not riches) that we are given to work with. Let’s be clear though on the PURPOSE of Wealth:

  • Money has no real value; it’s just a medium of exchange. We are all about making money… but not to store it up; our goal is to convert it to helping others. We all die broke.
  • It doesn’t belong to us, we get to use it whilst we are here on this planet, we may even get to pass it on for a while (leave a legacy) to our children.
  • It is to help and assist others as well as provide for us.

In video 4 of our series on kingdom and natures principles we talk about the Law of Sowing and Reaping.  In Nature’s laws when we sow a seed, care for it and tend it we will reap a harvest of what we plant. Unfortunately many of us have been taught that the principle of Giving and Receiving is the same (in fact I used to teach that way).If you give away money then somehow it will come back many times (reciprosity). I now have an understanding that if we give with this expectation not necessarily will it come back. It is about the condition of OUR HEARTS in giving i.e. is it for MY receiving back/pleasure/future security/ SELF! Or is it really to benefit others? By studying the Bible, I have come to understand that the “prosperity” is multi-dimensional. It is His will for us to prosper financially, to be in health, and for our souls to prosper. This is the three-part blessing of being obedient to His will and commands. God’s success plan for man encompasses the prospering of the spirit, soul and body with both spiritual and material blessings. It is the natural result of living the life-style. But it is up to Him and “the condition of our hearts” – it is not a formula for success. We were created for success and Kingdom living on earth. We were not designed to live with strife, fear, danger, poverty, sickness, hate etc. Unfortunately most of us have not learned to live this way as the world teaches us the opposite. Greed and Self-fulfilment are the real purposes e.g. “I have to look after myself”, “If it is to be it is up to me”! Just remember these are HIS Kingdom Principles, not worldly formulas for success or for multiplication of money just for YOU!

The World Says God Says
Accumulate Wealth Give it Away
Trust Riches Trust Him
Be Blessed by Works Be Blessed by Faith
Be Proud Be Humble
Be a Master Be a Servant
Seek Prosperity Seek His Kingdom

John for the Kingdom Builders Team

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Founder of Kingdom Builders
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1 Response to Kingdom Principles Today

  1. Kent Hutchins says:

    Thanks John. My faith gets tested plenty on these aspects of living – I can also see how it’s affected the lives of generations of my family tree.

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