Authority in the marketplace?

Please put this in your diary and get in on the early bird. This is running congruently with the upcoming ROLIC conference that Dr Yonggi Cho is one of the guest speakers.

“I have been exploring what it means to live in Authority as Christians in the marketplace, and it seems to me that there is so much Jesus says about the authority he wants us to exercise (John 14:12, Matt 28:18) which applies to all Christians, but most certainly to those of us in the Marketplace.

I was recently pointed to an article from Joseph Mattera  which highlights a worldwide revolution occurring presently, as Christians operating outside traditional Church buildings are shifting their mindsets towards a Biblical, Kingdom focused mindset. This article isn’t a criticism of the Church, but of the church patterns which stop God impacting those who will never set foot in traditional church meeting places – but are already in the marketplace at large!

The Melbourne Cre8 Conference on May 9-10 will explore these issues, allowing you to capture God’s heart for Your Purpose in the marketplace. If you want to go beyond struggling for business survival and begin to speak God’s authority into the lives of those around you, you must be there. Please register now and think about bringing your team!

The earlybird registration is closing end Feb, so please book now (link) and make Cre8 a priority. We guarantee it will change your business for the better, since we have seen over 1500 people impacted through previous conferences in Melbourne and Sydney.

I look forward to seeing you at Cre8 in May at the Melbourne Conference and Exhibition Centre.

From Jeremy Ellis – CRE8 Marketplace Conference Co Ordinator

Best Regards,

John for the Kingdom Builders Team

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