Welcome to the 4th Year

Welcome to the 4th year of Kingdom Builders Business Blog.

Over the last 4 years we have been writing on business principles, the state of the current business world and what you can do about changing your life to live and work in a KINGDOM Model.

In the month of January I passed on a few ‘prophetic words” about what some people see coming this year. You may or may not agree with them but one thing we do know, is that our Western Worldly Economic system comes under more and more stress and that there is no way out except a painful restructuring at some time…. What will that look like and when..??? – not one of us can say!

This year, Stephen, Peter and I would like to continue to inform you of what really is going on in the world and continue to share with you a different way of doing business – His Kingdom Way!!

Before I continue please have a look below of the six minute you tube video posted by my friend Ron Edwards, on what is a Kingdom Business.

This year Stephen will write weekly, commencing Wednesday 6th and Peter and I will jump in with what is on our heart to share intermittedly. We also invite you to write articles and submit them to me if you would like to contribute.

There are lots of exciting opportunities ahead and in 2 weeks I am off to Israel to share and learn with other business people both from here and countries all over the world.

I will bring you up to date as we go.

Blessings to all
John for the Kingdom Builders Team

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Founder of Kingdom Builders www.kingdombuilders.com.au
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