A Kingdom Model of Service

If I was to offer you a seminar on the topic of “Learning & Development” for FREE & at NO financial cost to you! I am sure that many business people would say “YES PLEASE, where do I sign up for it”

Many, if not all of us have been at some time or still are, on the road of Learning & Development. After all it offers many real opportunities to examine where we have come from, possibly past models & behaviours of our Fathers, Mothers and others of influence, that have shaped our thinking, being & emotional constructs into whom and what we are today.

We often seek these seminars out to find ways and strategies to deal with them, even after many of these factors, parents and time have long gone and faded into the past, yet we know that they affect us, have influence on us and we carry them with us as baggage of the past into our relationships, lives, families and into our businesses.

I could speak on this subject for days on end, having dealt with many good people over the years that unfortunately carry a lot of baggage from the past around like chains, constantly being dragged down by the issues of life, falling down and getting up only to be knocked down again! Ever felt like that?

If you have, please consider getting good counsel to assist you in this matter however for today I would like to expand on those who take the “chains of the past” into their business practises and get rattled like an old rusty chain, time and time again. Perhaps it’s time for you to consider a new model of service; not only in your life, but into your business also, this is one of the primary keys as to why Kingdom Builders exists, to shape a new generation of businesses and its people in the “Kingdom of God” model of business.

I understand that some may not be Christian who read this, I understand and respect where you are at, but on the other hand, you won’t be able to just adapt new techniques or practises and overlay them onto your old foundation and expect to prosper or for your business to radically improve, WHY?

Because in the end it is of the heart, and if God through Jesus Christ is not in yours, then you are wasting your time, it just won’t work. Sure there are good honest principles that are Godly and yes your business will go well as you treat and respect others well, that is a Godly thing to do and I congratulate you in doing this and to a certain degree you will be blessed but the Kingdom Model of service is far more than just ‘treating others well”

Let’s talk for a few minutes about “Learning & Development” that is for both your life and business and is FREE & of NO financial cost to YOU, for you to learn and grow and develop from it. Today’s L & D session is from a book of the ancients, the memoirs of Nehemiah, he knew the ‘Ancient of Days’ a name for GOD in Aramaic: – Atik Yomin; in the Greek Septuagint: – Palaios Hemeron; and in the Vulgate: – Antiquus Dierum

Nehemiah heard news about his people and his response was to pray, you may have heard news about your latest figures, sales, products, big accounts gone down in size, what was or is your response? Is it immediately for you to pray or do you go to the accountant, cut costs, fire staff, downsize rental premises, a big list of actions we could take, but Nehemiah prayed.

The Kingdom model here is one of “Personal Consideration and Application”
Nehemiah was a man with a heart for the welfare of God’s people. When he was first alerted to the situation back in Judah, he immediately expressed the burden in prayer.

All effective work in God’s Kingdom invariably has a strong prayer dimension.
It is in prayer that we can become aligned with what God wants to do. This is where we gain a “Kingdom perspective” and begin to see GOD’S solution to the situation.

Let’s talk more next week on the Kingdom Model of Service

Stephen for the Kingdom Builders Team

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